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World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day takes place annually on October 5. On this day, we mobilize support for teachers and ensure that they will continue to meet the needs of future generations effectively. We are propelled towards this because we understand that teaching, particularly in the most vulnerable locations, is both fulfilling and challenging.

What World Teachers’ Day is about
On World Teachers’ Day, we display awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the vital contributions which teachers make toward education and development. Education is a rare thing to find in many humanitarian locations. It simply doesn’t come naturally. On a daily basis, teachers face many setbacks in their endeavors such as epidemic diseases, human rights, gender rights and hunger. Those are the very same problems many humanitarians try to resolve for a better tomorrow.

Education and knowledge is one of the cornerstones of global development. Considerable progress has been made in the field of global education since the launch of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000. Literacy rates in developing countries are rising steadily for both adults and youth, and primary school enrollment is at 91 percent while gender parity has also almost been achieved. We owe a large part of this stunning development to compassionate excellent teachers all around the world. Let’s honor them on this day!

Africa is the continent which struggles most regarding education. Africa has the greatest variety of spoken languages. Therefore, schooling in Africa often takes place in languages that are not native to teachers and pupils. School attendance and participation rates in many African countries are significantly low. Also, schools often lack many basic facilities, therefore, enhancing other humanitarian problems such as epidemic spread or illiterate parents.

We see the biggest problems in rural areas. Many schools in rural Africa find it hard to employ qualified teachers due to lack of funds. Therefore, schools in remote locations face overly large class sizes and fewer teachers. Due to this, children attending schools in rural areas usually attain poorer results in tests compared to students in urban areas. Many NGOs are trying to fix this problem.

Build Africa is an NGO which beliefs in utilizing the power of education to end poverty. They work to ensure that children in rural Africa get better opportunities to learn. How? By putting in place the right infrastructure, resources, quality teaching and parental support. Build Africa helps them get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives. For sure this is a noble cause we very much support.

We regard education as a necessity for everyone on this planet, and are proud to serve organizations that yearn and strive for the world in which all individuals have equal chances in life. We are closely related to educational humanitarians working at NGOs, volunteer, and faith-based organizations due to our similar goals of helping people. Want to learn more about our vision and goals as a travel management company? Browse through our News & Community page.