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World Refugee Day 2018

Today, we celebrate World Refugee Day 2018. It is an important date when agencies and NGOs around the world can raise awareness about refugees this day. Currently, there 65.5 million people who are forcibly displaced. Each one of them has basic human rights. This means that as a global community, we have the responsibility to support them. On World Refugee Day 2018, let’s stand together #WithRefugees. Fortunately, many organizations and people want to help.

Importance of World Refugee Day 2018

Migration is a reality all around the world, but there are different reasons why people move. Some seek economic benefit, while others move for school, work or family. Refugees, however, are different. They flee their home countries because they have no other choice. If they stay, they face war, natural disaster, and potentially death. They fear returning for the same reasons. World Refugee Day 2018 is a chance to raise awareness on why refugees cross borders and who they are. It is also an opportunity to remind ourselves that we must help those in need.

The Global Refugee Crisis

The global refugee crisis has reached astounding proportions. There are more than 23 million refugees around the world. The number of people who are displaced, whether abroad or in their own country, is nearly triple at 65.5 million. Wars, crisis, and natural disasters are pushing people to leave their homes. Only in the past 5 years countries like South Sudan, Myanmar and Syria have generated millions of refugees. These are people who are running away from persecution and conflict. Many face hardship upon crossing international borders. They see discrimination in their host countries. Families are torn apart and not able to provide for their children. Millions are living in temporary refugee camps often without access to basic services such as schooling and healthcare. The global refugee crisis needs every one of us to pitch in and make a difference.

We Stand #WithRefugees

Now in its third year, the UNHCR petition and campaign #WithRefugees is looking to make a difference. On World Refugee Day 2018, UNHCR will continue the push for refugee rights. The goal of the petition is to pressure governments around the world to provide 3 basic rights for every single refugee. These are: education for every child, a safe place to live for every family, and the opportunity to learn and support their families for every refugee. The campaign will continue until the global compact is adopted. If you want to sign the petition, you can do so here. And if you are looking to get more involved, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can become a volunteer with refugees, promote key messages on social media or attend a local World Refugee Day 2018 event.

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