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World Immunization Week 2018

World Immunization Week 2018 is starting today, April 24, and will run until April 30. This week will focus on this year’s theme: “Protected Together, #VaccinesWork.” World Immunization Week is organized by the WHO and encourages people to go further in their efforts to increase immunization coverage for the greater good.

World Immunization Week, as is Mother Earth Day, is an important part of the sustainable global health goals. That is why the WHO and partners commemorate the most important health issues on different days throughout the year.

Importance of World Immunization Week 2018

In the last century or so, the world has become significantly healthier. Immunization is partially the reason and is now preventing at least 25 different infectious diseases. World Immunization Day history, however, dates back only as far as 2012. Although preventative health is a relatively new concept, it is of vital importance. Today, many regions are nearly free of dangerous illnesses such as measles, polio, and rubella. Still more can be done even in some developed countries.  For instance, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, vaccination rates are declining. Therefore, promoting the import role vaccination plays throughout the world is a necessity, even in those places where it is less affordable.

Protected Together #VaccinesWork

This year’s theme is Protected Together, #VaccinesWorkThere are 25 diseases that can be immunized protecting people all over the world from their detrimental effects. However, there is still a large percentage of the population that has not received the proper vaccines. Whether due to their economic situation, their country’s politics, or personal decisions, it is necessary to ensure protection for all those in our society. That is why the emphasis on awareness-building and vaccine-promotion during Immunization Week are so essential.

11 NGOs Immunizing the World

Fortunately, many humanitarians are out in the field right now working on immunizing the world. Recently, we published a list of international NGOs engaged in this life-saving work. The list is not exhaustive but you get some insight into what’s being done around the world. Here’s the link to the list of 11 NGOs immunizing the world.

Diseases that can be immunized

Immunization Before Travelling

The overall wellbeing of humanitarian aid workers is of great importance to us. We make it easier for you to stay connected with your people in the field or on a mission.

We are trying to improve the quality and add value to the world of humanitarian travel through our revolutionary services. Among them is providing the latest information on travel vaccinations. That’s why we strongly recommend you heed our suggestion that precautionary travel immunizations should be an essential step in your humanitarian travel planning. It’s important to plan wisely since getting all the vaccines you need may take some time. That’s why you should take the steps mentioned below well before departure. Please contact us should you have any questions at all.

Let Us Help You

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. Our work doesn’t end at the end of World Immunization Week 2018. It doesn’t end until our travelers, and your employees, are safe at home. Whether you are dedicated to addressing preventable diseases or other global health issues that are of vital importance, we want to help you. That is why we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world. By being a genuine global travel organization, our experienced staff is reachable any time. Use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions. You can also follow our blog for more stories about global health and of course travel information.

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