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World Immunization Week 2018 – 6 Video’s About Immunization

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), immunization averts 2 to 3 million deaths worldwide every year. The world has become a healthier place to live in ever since vaccines were invented. The World Immunization Week, set on April 24-30, 2018, will make sure these gains continue. Today we will show you World Health Day 2018 Video’s covering the theme of Universal Health Services. With the theme Protected Together, #VaccinesWork, the importance of immunization will be stressed. It also aims to win back community support for immunization programs to keep deadly diseases out. The campaign is also aligned with the World Health Day 2018 List of Themes centered on “Health for All.”

Diseases have plagued societies for centuries. The health landscape steadily improved beginning in 1976 when the first-ever vaccine for smallpox was developed. Measles, polio, and rubella vaccines are now widely available and are allowing more people to live healthier and longer. The WHO made World Immunization Week especially relevant. It has been staging the World Immunization Week since 2012 to intensify immunization efforts around the globe. In a previous article, we wrote about 11 NGOs that are helping in that cause. Below, we will be directing you to six videos that explain what immunization is and why it is important:

Immunization Saves Lives

Many diseases are preventable diseases. Immunization provides you with protection. It can save your life.

Introduction to Vaccination: Definition & Immunization

Immunization works in different ways depending on the disease involved. Some vaccines provide long-term while some provide short-term immunity. In any case, vaccines help build your immune response.

A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Getting yourself or your family members vaccinated goes beyond your personal choice. Your decision affects other people too. Vaccination works best when entire communities choose to be vaccinated.

The Origin of Vaccines

Vaccination began when Edward Jenner, a physician, observed that milkmaids appeared to be immune to smallpox because of their exposure to cowpox. When he started injecting small doses of both to people, vaccination began. The WHO, in 1980, announced that smallpox had been completely eradicated.

How Vaccination Works

A vaccine works by introducing a weakened form of an antigen. Your body’s immune system recognizes the same antigen in the future. This way, your immune system can immediately react to neutralize the antigen and stop it from developing into a life-threatening disease.

How Risky are Vaccines?

Vaccines, like any other medical intervention, have side effects. The benefits, however, far outweigh the risks. Only people who are already sick can gain little to no benefit from vaccination. Immunization protects you and the people around you. Immunization also protects the ones who may be too young or too weak to get vaccinated.

More Info on World Immunization Week 2018

World Immunization Week has only been held annually since 2012. This year, while celebrating accomplishments, there is wider recognition that more work is necessary to stay ahead of diseases. Governments but also organizations alike are working harder to achieve universal health coverage, and that includes immunization.

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