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World Health Day 2018: 4 Videos about Universal Health Coverage

Mark your calendars for April 7, 2018 and join us to celebrate World Health Day 2018. In 1948, The World Health Organization (WHO) chose this day to raise awareness about global health. Since that seminal date, there are now events around the world based on a particular theme to educate people and cheer on important organizations that organize campaigns for people to gain access to health care. Good health, especially for women, children and adolescents means prosperity and safety in not only developed countries but in the developing world as well. Below are some videos about this years’ theme.

World Health Day 2018 Theme: Universal Health Coverage

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a strong proponent of universal health coverage, that is, affordable health services for everyone in the world. So what do we say to those who say that universal health coverage is too costly and limits services? We cite studies that show health outcomes are significantly better when these services are available and well managed within each country. Education is also a key factor in successful health management. People need to know what services are available to them and how these will help them live long, productive lives. See the successes of countries that provide universal health care.

4 Video’s on Universal Health Coverage

One key factor in the success of providing primary care and preventive services is the commitment of governments to provide necessary resources. Former president of the US, Jimmy Carter, notes that proper health care can increase prosperity and security in developing countries. The Elders, a group internationally recognized for their activism in universal health care, is advocating a concentration of healthcare for women, but also for children and adolescents in developing countries. See why.

Making Universal Health Coverage A Reality

Universal healthcare? Regardless of your ideology, you too can support and advocate for health care for all people. How to fund this? Well, first of all, government funding and compulsory public contributions, but also voluntary health insurance, can cover peoples costs, and a range of available services. Policymakers can also help people avoid catastrophic health care costs and its concomitant poverty by ensuring that these factors are addressed as a priority. See how.

The Road to Universal Health Coverage

WHO estimates that 150 million people each year around the globe face impoverishment because of catastrophic illnesses. So what can we do about this? 1) Make sure our governments and businesses are providing the resources for universal health coverage; 2) Provide prepayment plans that reduce heavy reliance on out-of-pocket expenses; 3) Improve efficiency and cut waste by gathering and using available data on health outcomes. Watch this video for ideas on health financing.

Universal Health Coverage – What does it mean?

Are you curious about universal health care, access to trained healthcare workers, safe treatment and medicines, and furthermore who will pay for it? WHO works around the world to advocate for accurate healthcare data to be made available to governments. These data can ensure that people, services, products, financing, policies and information are in place for universal health care.

What are the biggest challenges in global health care? They are first of all: 1) air pollution accounting for many deaths and a rise in respiratory illnesses and their related health problems. The Paris Climate Agreement signed globally to address these issues encourages countries to reduce green house gases; also, 2) the needs of over 60 million refugees; furthermore, 3) advanced agriculture and food security to end hunger − the United Nations estimates that the world will need food to feed 9 billion people by 2050. A list of global health issues is being compiled as we speak. Top priorities to solve these issues include reducing poverty, fighting climate change, protecting human rights, and helping refugees. Furhermore, NGOs around the world are working tirelessly to help solve these global problems.

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