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World Habitat Day: Learning About Conservationists

Today on World Habitat Day, we acknowledge the fact that science has proven time after time that our planet is susceptible to certain environmental events caused by mankind. This could range from greenhouse effect to the extinction of certain animals. Human beings have an enormous authority over the planet and everything on it and therefore we must acknowledge that many environmental issues are caused by humanity. That’s why we must bear in mind the importance of preserving natural resources, including all animal and plant species.

World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day is celebrated every year on the first Monday of October. This day was first commemorated in 1986. It is dedicated to reflecting on the state of our cities, towns and urban areas. It also aims to remind us of our responsibility for the habitat of future generations; a way of thinking which goes many centuries back.

Conservationists are the initiators of this conservational way of thinking. The conservation movement was founded in the US and can be traced back to as early as 1662. It is a political, environmental and social movement primarily dedicated to preserving natural resources. This movement highly influenced government environmental policy in the United States. Many groundbreaking laws were passed including those which established national parks, forests, and policies for protecting wildlife. This includes the establishment of the world’s first national park; Yellowstone National Park in 1872. Yosemite National Park was established 18 years later, and it is widely known for its breathtaking waterfalls. The creation of the National Park Service in 1916 was also caused by tireless efforts of the conservation movement and has proven to be an asset to the United States ever since.

Besides influencing legislation, developing fisheries, wildlife management, soil conservation and sustainable forestry were also other central goals of the early movement. Through the years, they have broadened from the emphasis on the use of sustainable proceeds of natural resources and preservation of wilderness areas to include preservation of biodiversity. Deforestation and overpopulation are matters affecting all regions of the world. The consequent destruction of wildlife habitat has prompted the creation of conservationists groups in Africa, Latin America, and even the Arctic. It’s paramount for the conservation movement to eliminate dwelling challenges, improve the living conditions in the cities, and solve the problems of overpopulation on a global scale.

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