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World Environment Day Activities

Tomorrow, the globe will celebrate World Environment Day 2018. The central theme will be beating plastic pollution and the host country is India. June 5th is one of the biggest dates to celebrate our planet and to raise awareness on environmental issues. We at Raptim want to be part of World Environment Day’s events. If you would also like to participate, here is some information on the activities that will take place.

What is World Environment Day?

Celebrated since 1974, World Environment Day tackles issues related to our planet’s environmental health. One of the biggest triggers to this has been plastic pollution. This is also the central theme for the 2018 celebration. Over the past decades, the world has seen rapid man-made climate change. This has dramatically impacted many natural environments and has lead to more deadly natural disasters. At the same time, the habitat and well-being of various species have been destroyed or endangered. To counter this, the world has to take active steps towards a healthier global environment. Many organizations are already doing this by raising awareness and taking steps to protect our Earth. Plenty of inspirational innovations have resulted in the wake of climate change. But more needs to be done. So this year, let’s act together to protect our environment.

World Environment Day Activities

On June 5th, thousands of activities will take place around the world to celebrate World Environment Day. You can see the full list of registered events on the official website. Here are a few ideas of how you can get involved.

Follow or visit the World Environment Expo in New Delhi

This is one of the flagship events, organized by India, this year’s host country. The World Environment Expo will take place on June 5-7th in New Delhi. It will feature the latest technology and solutions for sustainable development. It will also be a space to promote strategies that prevent climate change.

View the plastic art installations in Asia-Pacific

12 cities in the Asia-Pacific region will unveil installations made from recycled plastic on June 2-5. For those visiting the region, you will be able to view these in Auckland, Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Yangon. The installations are meant to raise awareness about plastic use.

Participate in a beach or river clean-up

Must of the plastic we use ends up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. Marine life suffers from it and it can also contaminate sources of nutrition for marine mammals and even ourselves. Hundreds of cities will host beach clean-ups on June 5th. Check to see if there is one near you! And if not, organize a clean-up event in your community.

Say no to plastic

Participating in World Environment Day does not mean you have to look for a special event. You can simply avoid using plastic for the day. This will promote the day’s central theme and help #beatplasticpollution. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Organize your own World Environment Day Event

Want to really commit to saving our planet? Then why not organize an event in your community. You can register the event on the official World Environment Day website. To make it easier, the site also provides event kits that you can use. These include ideas, social media resources and much more. Event kits:

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