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Working thousands of miles apart while still feeling connected

German account manager Florian recounts the story of his trip to America

In late October 2014, Raptim sales and account manager Florian Geldermann traveled from his home office in Germany to our Lewiston, New York office in the framework of the staff exchange program. “It was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people.”

Since then the Lewiston office has shifted its offices to an office park in Sanborn. Florian recounts his wonderful experiences at the former Raptim office. “I got the chance to meet my Lewiston colleagues and learn first-hand from their marketing department. This was very useful for me, as I had only just started my sales and accounting position at the Aachen office.”

“It’s very special to be working thousands of miles apart and still feel so connected”

Florian Geldermann, Raptim sales and account manager

The biggest difference between work at the Lewiston and Aachen offices is the division of labor, according to Florian. “At the Lewiston office, the division of labor is far stricter. Everybody works on one task – whereas in Aachen, every staff member is able to do everything: make reservations, arrange group travel, and take care of ticketing, refunds, and invoicing.” Nonetheless, he found that this doesn't affect the atmosphere at the office. “Although we have a different way of working, the staff was equally friendly. I really feel like my American colleagues have the same spirit and are driven by the same passion,” Florian says.

Florian has nice memories of his trip. The day of his arrival just so happened to be his birthday. “My American colleagues surprised me with a huge Bavarian cream cake that read ‘Happy Birthday’ – and in proper German, too. I was so stunned that I didn’t know what to say,” Florian recounts. “Raptim is like a big family. When I arrived in Lewiston, everyone was so warm and friendly. It’s very special to be working thousands of miles apart and still feel so connected.”