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Why You Need a Flexible Itinerary

Being a good humanitarian travel partner means that you understand the hectic world in which humanitarians work. When working with an NGO, you put great emphasis on achieving the most; especially as all your collected funds should be used for your cause; helping those who need it most. Those values are what guide us. We believe in your cause and only work with like-minded organizations that want to do good in the world.

The difference between a fixed and a flexible itinerary

Costs associated with changes and unexpected changes can destroy budgetary goals and limitations with donations. These should be spent helping people who need it most and not on fees or penalties. Therefore, we work with airline partners to offer flexible itineraries that help NGOs and humanitarian aid workers to take total control of your travel expenses.

NGOs can benefit a lot from special flexible itinerary conditions. Changes to itineraries and the dynamic world of humanitarian travelers has created a market for the humanitarian fare. Because of our relationships with airline partners, we can leverage your needs to negotiate benefits like reduced change fees, extra baggage and other convenient measures that help you do the important work at hand. As a result, your NGO, humanitarian or volunteer organization can save on costs and make better use of funds to support their goals. Many perks to the humanitarian fare include:

  • A flexible booking window that offers extended stays of up to 12 months
  • Competitive rates for one-way tickets
  • An extra bag at no cost, most of the time
  • Reduced or eliminated change fees

Changes to your fixed itinerary can add up when you book a ticket at a bargain travel agency. These unexpected necessary changes will cripple your resources. There are numerous reasons that lead to changing travel plans. It happens quite often. Flexible itineraries prevent these changes from becoming a heavy burden on your wallet.

“Our staff often visits projects of our partner organizations around the world. Local conditions can be volatile, which means that travel plans are often changed or even turned around entirely. So that a trip from Ghana to Kenya may turn into a trip to Mozambique and Tanzania. Together with Raptim, we find the best solution possible every time. Raptim’s team is always supportive and solution-driven. They solve the puzzle of our complex itineraries time and again. They always sort things out! And usually very fast, too!” - Hetty Brunt, office manager Aqua for All

Do you want to know more about our flexible itineraries for NGOs and humanitarian aid workers? Feel free to contact us anytime. Use our quick address locator for up-to-date contact information to any of our 17 offices.