Where to buy water purification tablets and bottles
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Where to Buy Water Purification Tablets and Bottles

Water purification is essential for global health, considering that millions of people still do not have access to clean drinking water. But it’s also crucial for humanitarian travelers and aid workers. They may often find themselves working areas where water is not safe to drink. So, carrying water purification tablets or travel bottles is a necessity. You can pick up water purification tablets and bottles at a local department store or online. But with so many brands to choose from, how do you know which is best? Here are some of the most popular brands out there. However, when you decide which to purchase, know how much water you need to filter, and what is your water source.

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Where to buy water purification tablets


One of the top brands for water purification tablets is Aquatabs. You will easily find these in most large stores. The effervescent tablets kill micro-organisms to fight diseases in the water. You can choose to purchase different tablet sizes, which will accordingly treat an amount of water ranging between 1 and 2,500 liters.

Learn more about where to buy Aquatabs by clicking hereOrder Aquatabs here for Canada, or here for Europe.

Potable Aqua

Potable Aqua targets the military and disaster relief market. They produce several types of products to aid water purification. These include chlorine test strips, germicidal tablets, and chlorine dioxide purification tablets.  Potable Aqua products are easy to use for anyone from a camper to an aid worker in an emergency setting.

Find a Potable Aqua retailer near you, or you can order Potable Aqua online through Amazon.


Aquamira’s flagship product is its water treatment drops that use chlorine dioxide. However, since its start, the company has branched out. Today, Aquamira also produces water bottles with filters and larger water filtration systems. Most importantly the company’s philosophy is to provide safe drinking water for individuals, families, and communities.

Order Aquamira products online through the official Aquamira website or order Aquamira through Amazon.


Katadyn is based in Switzerland and produced personal water treatment systems. Their products include water purification tablets, water filtration systems, and water purification bottles. Katadyn manufactures its products in Switzerland. And most importantly these products are great for camping, trekking, and international travelers in remote areas.

Find a Katadyn retailer near you.

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Where to buy water purification bottles?


What started as an idea on Kickstarter, GRAYL has taken the water purification bottle market by storm. They produce one of the most popular, albeit expensive, water purification bottles out there. GRAYL bottles remove all bacteria, viruses, particulates, chlorine, and even heavy metals. Plus, GRAYL features a sleek design, so it’s a nice-to-have travel bottle.

Order a GRAYL bottle online through the official GRAYL website, or you can also find a GRAYL bottle on eBay.


LifeStraw is a socially conscious company that aims to deliver clean water for everyone. Their bottles remove all bacteria, particulates, and chemicals. The filters are durable and replaceable. And what’s more, LifeStraw donates their bottles to schools that don’t have access to safe drinking water.

If you are based in the US, order a LifeStraw bottle on the LifeStraw Official Website or on REI.com. If you are based in Europe, order a LifeStraw bottle here.


Water-to-Go is one of the most technologically advanced options on this list. Their technology companies one traditional and two nanotechnologies to deliver you clean, safe drinking water. The company is truly global, having an extensive network of producers and suppliers. Plus, their filters do not need batteries to activate but use water itself to work.

If you are based in the UK, order your Water-to-Go bottle here. If you are based outside the UK, order your Water-to-Go bottle here.


The famous brand doesn’t only make kitchen water filters, but also a water bottle with their signature filters. It removes chlorine and other chemicals, meaning your water will taste better. However, it might not be ideal for unsafe drinking water. In short, the Brita Water Bottle is really for everyday use. It comes at a low price, with low-cost replacement filters and squeezable bottle.

To order a Brita Water Bottle, firstly visit the Brita International home page and select your region. Secondly, click “where to buy” and find a retailer or online store near you.


A traveling food scientist and a technologist founded WaterWell in 2015. In other words, their motivation was primarily environmental, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic waste from single-use water bottles. So, they designed WaterWell bottles for refilling and filtering water. They have a traditional water purification bottle on the market, as well as a foldable squeeze bottle that is perfect for travel.

Order your WaterWell bottle online on the WaterWell official website.

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