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What is Done in Honduras? – Humanitarian Highlights

Part of the Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA), Honduras faces a severe humanitarian crisis. Just like its neighbors, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the country is under the strain of violence and economic disparity. People are fleeing Honduras by the thousands. Meanwhile, hundreds of NGOs are trying to alleviate human suffering.

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The Current Situation in Honduras

Honduras has seen decades of political and economic turmoil. The country has one of the highest indexes of economic inequality in the entire region. The weakened local government led to a proliferation of gangs and resulting violence.

The first freely elected government rose to power in 1982. Before this, a military-style dictatorship ruled the country. Since 1982, the government has been relatively weak, and corruption persists. Reports point to potential fraud in the latest elections in 2017.

As a result of a weak government structure, Honduras became the target of gangs. The homicide rates are among the highest in the world, and extortion is rampant. The drug trade is also prevalent in Honduras, leading to even more violence, corruption, and instability.

Altogether, the violence and the weakened state structures have led to extreme poverty and poor public services. Nearly three-quarters of the population live below the poverty line. Now, many have low access to education, healthcare, and other services. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, exacerbate the situation.

Humanitarian Response in Honduras

Humanitarian organizations are both active and necessary in the country. Nearly all areas of global development and humanitarian aid are essential in the country. For example, many organizations work on promoting peace in Honduras and protecting civilians from gang violence.

Other NGOs address human rights violations. These mainly focus on the refugees that flee north and returnees deported along the route. They often lose their rights, face internal displacement, do not have access to education or healthcare. As such, organizations work to protect their most basic human rights.

Also, grassroots and international organizations work to promote better public services in the country, supporting education and healthcare. They also work to ensure access to employment and livelihoods for the poorest and most vulnerable people in Honduras.

The levels of violence in the country complicate the work of NGOs. It is often difficult to access certain areas or specific populations due to safety concerns. NGOs must also negotiate with gangs to gain access to particular zones in Honduras. Despite this, many are doing incredible work to help the most vulnerable.

NGOs that Work in Honduras


Oxfam in Honduras works to reduce rural poverty. They also address issues around gender-based violence and exclusion. Further, Oxfam builds strong relationships with and among the various civil society actors to promote peace and human rights in Honduras.

Save the Children

Save the Children has a three-pronged approach. The organization works on providing education, child protection, and peacebuilding. Save the Children also promotes economic and food security for the most impoverished families, among other actions.


Much of CARE’s work in the country focuses on economic empowerment. They promote sustainable economies for the most impoverished communities. CARE also provides microfinance and works towards more inclusive markets. Besides, CARE aims to reduce child poverty in the country.

Squads Abroad

Squads Abroad organizes international volunteering. The Squads provide education and healthcare services to the most impoverished communities in Honduras. They deploy volunteers to rural communities in the country and create a cultural exchange.

Global Communities

Global Communities has worked in Honduras for the past 30 years. They address several different issues, including projects to improve farming, water management, sustainable tourism, healthcare, and more.

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