What is Academic Travel?
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What Is Academic Travel?

Academic or educational travel represents learning, personal growth, and the exchange of knowledge across the world. For centuries, academics have traveled the world to learn more about it from first-hand sources. Scientists and philosophers embarked on journeys to lands far away to expand their knowledge. Today, educational travel is more accessible than ever. But it is still an incredible opportunity to learn about the world. So what is academic travel exactly, and why is it so great?

Educational travel services

Types of academic travel

There are several different types of educational journeys out there. Many university and high-school students take trips for learning purposes. However, they are not the only ones. Professors, professionals in different fields, and only people who are looking to learn also travel for academic purposes.

Semester or year abroad

Typically lasting from four months to a year, a study abroad period is a wonderful opportunity to learn. High-school and university students travel abroad, hosted by a local school or college. They get to fully integrate within a new culture and expand their academic and personal knowledge.

Short-term academic trips

Many students also participate in shorter educational trips or field-trips. These usually correspond with a specific interest. For example, a culinary school might take students to Paris to learn about French cuisine first-hand. Alternatively, a history course may organize a trip to a famous battlefield.

Academic travel for staff

Students are not the only ones who want to expand their horizons. Professors, researchers, scientists, and other professionals need first-hand learning experiences as well. They may go on a field visit to see an innovative process, participate in a conference, or engage in a knowledge exchange with another university.

Benefits of academic travel

There are many reasons that an academic journey is an incredible opportunity. Here are just a few:

Experiential learning

We can learn much theory from books, journals, movies, and other resources. However, nothing compares to seeing something live or doing it yourself. This kind of hands-on learning experience is essential to understand your area of expertise truly. For many careers, this makes academic travel necessary, particularly in an ever-more globalizing world.

Making new connections

Through educational travel, we can connect to places and people in a new way. This expands beyond academic knowledge. By meeting people from all over the world, you create a unique network of connections, actionable for your career. Plus, you get to have international friends!

Pushing your limits

Academic travel, like any other type of travel, forces you to push your boundaries. It means understanding new ways of thinking, examining cultural nuances, and adapting to unforeseen circumstances. These skills are essential for the future.

Cultural and knowledge exchange

For centuries, people have exchanged goods and knowledge across borders. Academic travel continues this tradition of learning from one another. Of course, the internet allows us to receive information from all corners of the world. However, having that exchange first-hand creates an entirely different system of learning and sharing.

Academic travel partner

Successful educational travel requires rigorous organization and preparation. It is also essential to have the proper duty of care standards, particularly when traveling with large groups. That’s why an academic travel partner is so vital for learning trips. For example, Key Travel provides an excellent set of services, taking care of even of the smallest details of your academic journey.

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