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What Humanitarian Travel is About

Humanitarian is described as having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people and for example, trying to save human lives after a large-scale natural disaster like a severe earthquake or drought. Or going to third-world countries to help improve the living conditions by building schools, houses or churches. So when you speak about humanitarian travel, it means that a group of people looking to carry out humanitarian work, travel to an affected area to try and improve the situation and save lives. To increase, and hopefully, to sustain the welfare and happiness of the local population.

Inspiring examples of humanitarian travel

Concerned people are the most necessary on the least visible places on earth. To reduce sickness, to educate, to build, to think, and to share with people. But also to provide the local population with hope during extraordinary times. The goal of each specific humanitarian travel mission can vary considerably. Some groups travel to El Salvador and Guatemala to help children adversely affected by poverty. Others educate women in India on how to protect themselves from sexual assault while others treat and help control the spread of deadly diseases like Ebola in West Africa. Humanitarian relief is offered to civil war refugees in camps in terms of food, clothing, and medical care. The acute drought affecting the Horn of Africa has seen more humanitarian workers traveling to help even with increasing cases of aid workers being attacked or kidnapped. In 2010 there were multiple rescue teams in Haiti to save people after the massive earthquake. Through their efforts, a large number of people were rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings and given sufficient medical attention. All of these cases have something in common: they all tried to improve the lives of victims, or even better, to prevent them from being victims in the first place.

So what happens when a travel company comes into play? At Raptim, we devote our energies to serving the people who serve the world. The people needed at various places around the world to help mitigate the effects of natural calamities, deadly diseases, and other stressful situations through humanitarian acts. Concerning humanitarian travel, this means that we coordinate travel for groups of people, for example, NGO workers. To provide them with the best fares and support them for the entire trip. From the beginning until the end, in every possible way a travel company can. Therefore ensures that the victims or could-have-been victims get the help they need and at the right time. Please visit our homepage for more information on Raptim.