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What Humanitarian Jobs are There?

There are thousands of people working in the humanitarian sector around the world. Their roles vary. But all humanitarians do have something in common. They are motivated by saving lives and helping those in need. So what humanitarian jobs are there? Do you think that this is something that might be your calling? Then keep reading to find out more about the types of humanitarians jobs that are available.

Jobs available in the humanitarian sector

There isn’t a limit on the types of jobs that are available in the humanitarian sector. Think about it as any other type of organization. There is a need for everyone from very specialized field experts to general support such as administrative work. That said, there are a few areas that are in particular demand. This is particularly true if you want to work in the field. Some of the top jobs in the humanitarian sector include healthcare professionals; water, sanitation, and hygiene specialists; technology professionals; shelter and disaster relief specialists; communication experts; project managers; among others. Here’s a list of global website that might be useful.

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Who should become a humanitarian?

If you are considering to get into the humanitarian industry, there are a few things that you should evaluate. Students should look into the most in-demand roles for humanitarians and choose their studies accordingly. Those looking for a career switch may want to assess how in demand their skills are in the sector and where. However, deciding to become a humanitarian needs to go beyond this. First, consider your motivation. Why do you want to work in the sector? It is a demanding industry, both physically and emotionally. Secondly, identify where you can help. Are you best positioned to work in the headquarters or a field office? Where can you best contribute to your skills? Finally, decide whether the humanitarian lifestyle is right for you. In most cases, it requires extensive travel and a high level of dedication to your work. Is this something that you are happy to accommodate in your life?

Getting into the humanitarian industry

So, you’ve decided to become a humanitarian. Now what? There is no one way to get into the industry, but we do have some tips. If you are still studying, begin gaining experience right away. Take on internships in the sector and participate in the global humanitarian movement. For those making a switch, a good way to start is by volunteering locally. In any case, you may want to start building a network within the humanitarian sector. You can do so by reaching out to people in the industry on LinkedIn, going to conferences, and attending industry-specific events.

Additionally, try to position your skills to what is most in demand. You can also follow the organizations that you are interested in working with via social media and on the news. Finally, don’t give up! It’s a competitive sector. But it’s also an enriching career once you are in it.

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What Humanitarian Jobs are There?

Do you think it’s time to help those in need now that you’ve completed your education? Do you feel the urge to make a career based on this great principle? Have you already had a humanitarian job before and you’re looking for a brand new career challenge? If yes, it’s time to find a humanitarian job. Here are seven global websites to find a humanitarian job.

There are plenty of sources to find a humanitarian job. In fact, at times it feels quite overwhelming to see all the choice on offer. Here are possible pathways to follow.

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