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What Does Compassion Mean for Humanitarians?

The reason most humanitarians do what they do is principally rooted in compassion. So what does compassion mean exactly? It is true that for many it is a career and therefore a way to realize themselves. But the reason to choose to be a humanitarian worker in the first place typically lies in feeling compassion for the suffering of others.

What Does Compassion Mean?

It is important to understand what compassion means in the humanitarian context. It is not pity, but rather a way for people to connect with others. So what does compassion mean? While it may be hard to distinguish between those two concepts in a situation where another human being is suffering, it is an essential distinction. It is what defines humanitarian work for what it is—a helping hand. Compassion is what helps humanitarians stay away from the “savior complex”. Humanitarian compassion means that humanitraians create meaningful connections with those whom they are working with. Compassion is what creates space to realize the dignity and value of every person, be they a victim of conflict, violence, or natural disaster.

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Working Beyond Compassion

While compassion is the driving force behind humanitarian work, it cannot exist on its own. The feeling of compassion tends to drive the instinct to help others and to connect with them in order to support them in creating a better life for themselves. At the same time, humanitarians follow a number of fundamental principles in order to ensure that their work is respectful and appropriate. Originally set out by the Red Cross and later adopted by the United Nations, these four principals are humanity, neutrality, independence, and impartiality.

Raptim—A History of Compassion

For Raptim, compassion is part of our DNA. We were founded on the basis of compassion and our desire to ensure that it is able to travel around the world. When our company first launched in 1949, only ships traveled to remote parts of the world to deliver aid. Our founders were part of the change to develop air travel for humanitarian purposes. The organizations we work with provide humanitarian aid and implement development projects around the world. The  root cause for our existence has never changed. It was and will always be compassion.

What does compassion mean

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