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We’re Not Helping Humanitarians for the Profit

It is unfortunate that countless people face horrible suffering on a daily basis. Take for instance, during the final decades of the twentieth century. Besides natural disasters, civilian casualties of hunger, poverty, and war transformed into humanitarian crises. To help those in need, an extensive network of volunteers, faith-based aid workers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must work together to supply assistance.

Helping humanitarians is more important than profit

Compassion. It is one word that describes all humanitarian workers. Wikipedia defines compassion as the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. From the moment Raptim was founded in 1949, our work has continually been based on the principle of compassion. As we grow, this value remains at the very core of our travel company.

At Raptim, we devote our energy to helping those who serve the world. We do this by providing travel to vulnerable and affected locations where humanitarian aid is needed most. This way, we support the achievement of humanitarian goals from all sorts of humanitarian organizations. Our values are, to a large degree, the same and therefore we feel related.

Take Rotary International’s mission statement for example. They are dedicated to enabling Rotarians to make the world a better place filled with understanding, goodwill, and peace. They do this through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. A mission practically any humanitarian can relate to. We support their cause by providing humanitarian travel solutions. We enable them to attain their goals by traveling to vulnerable locations around the world.

We require monetary resources to make this possible. We need to pay salaries to our dedicated and concerned staff. We also need to further improve our organization to serve you in the future. While money is a necessity, making a profit has never been our motivation or our goal. Our first and foremost priority is to enable humanitarians, volunteers and aid workers from all over the world reach their destinations. It is at the bottom of our hearts to ensure that vulnerable people get all the help that is available.

Paolo Tsimbirlis has been at Raptim's Rome office since 1978 and has a wealth of experience in our line of work.

“At Raptim, we have a different perception of the value of life. Even in the worst situations, when our clients are under a lot of pressure, we invest all of our energy in maintaining a perfect relationship with them, so that we can indeed help them to make a difference in the world."Paolo Tsimbirlis

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