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We Provide the Level of Service that Fits Your Need

For an extended period of time now, we have worked hand in hand with a wide range of humanitarians. As a result, and unlike any other travel company, we clearly comprehend the humanitarian world you work in. We’ve continually been learning from our clients since day one; when Raptim was founded in 1947. That was the time we arranged our first flight that flew missionaries from Amsterdam to Entebbe. The process has been ongoing ever since.

Our staff has learned that the world of humanitarian travel is unpredictable but manageable. This has been possible thanks to our lengthy experience in the humanitarian travel business. We’ve handled almost every possible humanitarian crisis since our onset. Earthquakes, tsunamis, poverty, human rights and war for instance. Every humanitarian that’s providing aid during any of these vulnerable situations is receptive to last minute changes. Successfully dealing with such immediate changes asks for a humanitarian travel company that has gathered an unmatched experience through the decades.

We know for certain that the humanitarian field of work demands full-service travel management around the clock. That’s an aspect of work we’re very familiar with and experienced in. We’ve included a 24/7 and an additional VIP service to our organization to fulfill the needs of every humanitarian organization on the planet.

  • Do you regularly fly to various humanitarian destinations? If yes, take a look at our VIP Service. This service includes a Raptim Travel’s Concierge Desk. With it, you acquire access to an even higher level of service. Frequent flyer upgrades, airport meet and greet services, hotel arrangements and assistance with applications for travel documents are just but to mention a few of the examples of the travel services provided by our VIP service. These additional services will save you a substantial amount of funds and time, especially if you fly often. Therefore, instead of focusing on travel services, you dedicate all your attention to people who need it most.
  • By using our standard 24/7 service, most humanitarian travelers can manage themselves just fine. We consider this service to be one of our most vital attributes. By providing this service, our staff grants around-the-clock access to all our clients. They are well experienced in managing complex itineraries and at times extremely urgent travel needs of aid workers. They are willing to go above and beyond to enhance your satisfaction.

Are you at a crossroad about which service best fits your needs? Via our quick address locator, you can contact our experienced staff.  They will outline and explain to you in great detail about all possible options and help you create a tailored humanitarian travel solution which will fit your specific needs. This service is independent of whether you’re planning faith-based travel, individual travel or group travel for humanitarian aid workers. Our decades-long expertise with a broad range of humanitarian organizations has enabled us to know the world you work in. Nothing makes us happier than utilizing this knowledge in helping you achieve your goals. We will provide a level of service that will perfectly fit your specific needs.