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We Help You with Travel Reservations and Tickets for Humanitarian Travel

We most definitely offer a large scale of services that any full-service travel management company should be able to provide. And, our core business is arranging reservations and tickets to vulnerable locations for any humanitarian looking forward to traveling and helping those who need it most.

Arranging travel reservations and tickets is at our very core

When you’re looking for a humanitarian travel partner, you’ll want an organization that shares in your DNA, values, and beliefs. A team which knows the world you work in. You are in search of one that shares the same compassionate values and can help in every possible humanitarian situation. Why is it not a surprise that we do it all? It’s because Raptim is a full-service travel management company. We are dedicated to creating the best travel solutions tailored for humanitarians. Since we set up shop 67 years ago, we’ve served more than 300.000 humanitarian travelers.

We are happy to provide assistance with arranging insurance and medical precautions, among other services. Additionally, arranging smart, creative and flexible travel reservations and tickets remains our core business. That’s the dimension it all started. It will forever remain our primary focus.

Flight requirements needed by NGOs, volunteer, and faith-based organizations vary considerably from one flight to another. Sometimes you have to go earlier than planned mostly because help is needed promptly. You and every aid worker on our planet can probably relate to the concept of trying everything in your power to help those who need it most. We, as well, relate to that. Delays and high-cost changes to an itinerary are always unwanted and should be avoided, especially in the world of humanitarian travel. They deny you the golden chance to maximize your efforts in the vulnerable and affected area or community. That’s what drove us to passionately negotiate humanitarian airfares many years ago. Outlined below are some of the substantial benefits that come along:

  1. Exclusive & flexible airfares
    Ensuring that cost-related effects of changing your itinerary are limited. While booking a flight with a low-cost airline seems cheaper, making the slightest changes to your itinerary with a low-cost airline will skyrocket your ticket price. These adjustments are not uncommon in the world of humanitarian travel.
  2. Tailored itineraries
    Including a stop destination during you flight (or even adding one later) is no problem at all. It hardly has any effects on your budget. Should you decide to travel through Brussels on your Amsterdam – Khartoum flight during the last minute, we will quickly make these arrangements for you at little or no extra costs.
  3. Exclusive group airfares
    Working as a humanitarian group on a close level, as opposed to multiple single entities, benefits humanitarians to a large magnitude. That’s why humanitarian organizations, such as NGOs, often travel in groups. We offer exclusive group airfares; therefore, making sure that the largest possible percentage of funds is allocated to helping those in need.

Contact us anytime you deem convenient should you be in need of advice regarding travel reservations and tickets. Your way of contacting us may vary depending on your location and the infrastructure available. That’s why we’ve made most of our communication options possible from any part of the world. Please use our quick address locator to find detailed contact information for any of our offices. We are a humanitarian travel organization that takes great pride in helping those who need it most. Never hesitate to contact us.