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We Help You with Every Aspect of Your Travel Booking

For sure, no destination is like home. This applies, in particular, for vulnerable locations where affected people are in dire need of compassionate care. As a humanitarian aid worker, you will, from time to time, be faced with different situations while traveling overseas to provide disaster relief. For instance:

  • You’re trying everything in your power to battle an epidemic
  • Rebuilding infrastructure in the aftermath of a natural disaster
  • Saving the local population from the effects of armed conflicts in war-torn countries.

In situations like these, humanitarian aid is needed most. It takes courageous humanitarian aid workers and volunteers to go out there. We emphasize the fact that these hard needed efforts possibly come with risks, but we can minimize these risks by working together.

We understand your compassion and, just as much as you, we want to make the world a better place. Providing flexible, tailored itineraries and outstanding customer service are paramount. Our dedicated staff is always available to provide you with up-to-date (medical) information. They educate you about the risks that accompany traveling to a particular uncommon destination.

There are numerous benefits derived from our close collaboration with over 40 airlines. Anyone who travels for humanitarian purposes can benefit from high levels of flexibility when booking a flight. Therefore, the cost-related effects of changing your itinerary are limited. By finalizing a travel booking at Raptim, you, as an NGO travel manager or aid worker, are sure that your monetary resources will be spent on those who need it the most. You can end up saving thousands of dollars or euros due to our flexible ticket conditions. This enables you to help those in need, to a greater and better degree.

We have 17 offices spread across the world. Our staff in each travel office dedicate their power to helping NGO’s, volunteers and faith-based aid workers. Having offices around the world enables us to present humanitarian aid workers with multiple ways to contact any of our offices anytime and from anywhere. Contact any of them through our quick address locator should you have any questions.