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We Help You Manage Your Duty of Care Responsibilities

Duty of Care refers to the obligation of humanitarian organizations to their humanitarian workers and volunteers. They must do everything in their power to maintain the well-being, security, and safety of humanitarians when supplying aid and offering the much-needed help in vulnerable locations.

The importance of duty of care

Compassionate humanitarian workers who travel abroad, which is often the case, sometimes get exposed to risks. Those who are trying to help often are susceptible to civil unrests and infectious diseases. Traveling to a developing country causes exposure to such situations. As a humanitarian travel manager, it’s important to track your humanitarians throughout their travel and alert them about any possible changes, emergencies, and risks they might come across. Making sure they can focus on doing good for those who need it most.

Are you going overseas to provide humanitarian aid? While the chances could be relatively small, the likelihood of contracting a disease during an epidemic spreading within the local population increases. Humanitarian travel insurance covers different types of situations such as: damaged, broken or stolen technology, health insurance, and medical evacuation.  Together with our experienced travel agents, we can decide on the ideal travel insurance based on your destination.

Different locations require various types of insurance. Traveling to a war-torn country increases health and evacuation related complications while a damaged car, on the other side, is more likely to happen when you travel to a location struck by a natural disaster. We can help you choose your ideal travel insurance to ensure you can focus on supplying humanitarian relief and you don't have to worry about possible risks in that region.

Which brings us to risk management, an essential element in corporate duty of care responsibilities. We provide the possibility for compiling a pre-trip preparation and alerting travelers of events that could affect their itineraries or their personal safety. Our risk management tool provides live traveler tracking and crisis info. Services which can prove to be crucial in conflict and disaster environments.

Both these services are of great importance to humanitarian aid workers. We’re a full-service humanitarian travel management company, and daily, we’re trying to improve the quality of humanitarian travel by offering optional but much needed additional services. Want to know more? Please contact your nearest Raptim office through our quick address locator.