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Volunteering can be a fantastic opportunity to learn about yourself and the world. It’s also an excellent way to give back to communities who need it. But it can be difficult to find volunteering opportunities that suit your skills, availability, and interests. So, we’ve put together a shortlist of official sites that offer international volunteering opportunities.

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How do you become a volunteer?

Volunteers make us proud! Volunteering for humanitarian initiatives is an excellent way of enriching your life and alleviating the suffering of those who need it most. Here you can read about how to become a volunteer.

Why volunteer overseas?

There are many reasons why people volunteer abroad. Some do it because they want to give back. Others decide to volunteer to learn about the world and gain practical experience. For some people, volunteering is the first step to a humanitarian career.

Of course, volunteering overseas can have its pros and cons. Some organizations create volunteering opportunities for profit, rather than to help communities. To avoid these, make sure that you do your research when choosing the volunteer company. However, overall, international volunteering can be a fantastic experience and a genuine way to give back.

Where to find volunteering opportunities?

When you search for volunteer opportunities online, it can be overwhelming to see thousands of options. That’s why we made this list of some of the best organizations that offer volunteering opportunities.

1. UN Volunteers

UN Volunteers is the United Nations volunteering branch. The organization on-boards and deploys professional volunteers. It means that you must be over 25 years old to participate, have a university degree, and previous work experience. UN Volunteers does provide an allowance to ensure all volunteers have a secure standard of living while abroad.

2. European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps offers volunteering opportunities for young people between the ages of 18 and 30. These include volunteering at home or abroad, as well as traineeships and even jobs. The organization offers a stipend for travel, lodging, and subsistence.

3. International Voluntary Service

International Voluntary Service is a UK-based program. One of its main partners is the European Solidarity Corps, targeting young people in the UK to volunteer in Europe and abroad. There is also a skill-sharing program for professional volunteers. The organization has been deploying British volunteers since 1931.

4. EU Aid Volunteers

Through EU Aid Volunteers, European citizens can become international volunteers on humanitarian projects. This is a program for professionals who need to register for the roster and deploy when necessary. Besides emergencies, volunteers may also provide technical assistance for organizations based in Europe. Online volunteering opportunities are also available.

5. European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) targets young people between the ages of 18 and 30. The program covers all costs – all you need to do is volunteer. EVS primarily has opportunities in European countries, with a variety of different focuses, including arts, education, culture, and so on.

6. Cuso International

The Government of Canada is the primary donor for Cuso International. The organization offers humanitarian volunteer opportunities for citizens of Canada and various countries in the Americas. It deploys professional volunteers to provide technical support to communities and organizations. Potential volunteers need to apply to specific positions with multiple areas of focus and deploy across the world. The program covers all costs.

7. VSO International

VSO International has one goal – to fight poverty through professional volunteers working around the globe. Currently, the organization works in 23 developing countries in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Cuso International is one of the organization’s principle partners. However, VSO does deploy volunteers from across the world. The organization bears all volunteering costs.

8. Volunteer International

Volunteer International is an accreditation system to fact-check organizations seeking volunteers. The platform helps you to find vetted options to volunteer abroad. So this way, potential volunteers can ensure high standards of a volunteer program. Volunteer International partners offer opportunities around the world, both professional and non-professional.


Build a profile and apply for volunteer opportunities around the world. AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Therefore the organization works with several partners towards this goal, and volunteering makes up one part of the AIESEC experience.

10. Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a US-based organization that deploys US volunteers. The typical assignment for a volunteer is two years, with a variety of specializations, projects, and locations available. Volunteers also receive three months of training before departure. Peace Corps provides a housing and living stipend, as well as a transition fund for when the volunteer returns home.

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