ND028 – Vilnius Airport's Runway Reconstruction About To Start
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Vilnius Airport’s Runway Reconstruction About To Start

Travelers will be redirected during the summer

In the summer of 2017 from July 14 to August 18 Vilnius Airport in Lithuania will be closed for runway reconstruction. Instead of landing in Vilnius, most aircraft will be redirected to Kaunas Airport which is about an hour commute from the Lithuanian capital.

Vilnius Airport is closed for the summer

The last reconstruction of the runway took place over twenty years ago. This reconstruction will be done from scratch to reinforce the foundation, install new rainwater collection and drainage systems as well as a redo of the lighting system. Vilnius Airport expected to welcome more than 4,000 flights and a little over 400 thousand passengers during the reconstruction period. 77 percent of these flights and ninety percent of passengers are likely to be moved to other cities.

The designated primary alternative airport is Kaunas airport, which is located about 65 miles (104 kilometers) West of Vilnius. “Kaunas will become the capital of Lithuanian aviation in 2017”, says Artūras Stankevičius, Director of Vilnius Airport. “It is likely that many passengers will choose this air gateway. Such reconstruction of Vilnius Airport’s runway was caused by numerous reasons that are perfectly described as ‘the time has simply come for it’.”  Kaunas Airport, with the aim of giving customers high-quality service, has undergone numerous changes designed to accommodate the flights redirected during this reconstruction. Increased parking spots, new temporal departure, and arrival terminals are some of the changes.

The nature of the reconstruction does not allow workers to carry out their job at night and without stopping flights. “We cannot carry out high-quality reconstruction at night only. In this case, we could only patch the runway, but we want to pursue sustainable activities.”

The 65-mile trip by car from Kaunas Airport to the city center of Vilnius goes along highway A1 and takes about one hour. You can rent a car at Kaunas Airport, or try car-sharing service CityBee for a journey to the capital.

Another option is to take the bus. The Ollex airport shuttle service offers multiple trips between Vilnius and Kaunas Airports every 30 minutes. Shuttle timetables are in sync with flight arrivals and departures. TOKS is another company providing regular shuttle transportation and rides about nine times per day during the airport runway reconstruction period.

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