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The value of faith-based mission travel

On 8 October 1947, our famous first plane departed from Amsterdam. On board were fifteen missionaries headed for Uganda to bring help to the vulnerable people that needed it most. Since then, a perfect, productive and sustainable relationship with faith-based organizations has been at the very heart of Raptim. Whether you are on a short or long-term mission, your compassion inspires us every day.

Mission travel that inspires us

In our ‘eight questions with’ interview series, we’ve asked Raptim employees to tell us about an inspiring or remarkable client or contact. In numerous occasions, their answers were strongly related to faith-based mission travel.

“I would have to say Sr. Michelle of the Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation established by Mother Teresa. She is in charge of reservations for the whole congregation. The first time I met her, she left a lasting impression on me. I appreciate the work the congregation does, helping those in poverty.”

“For some people, helping is a vocation. I'm impressed by the courage, the determination, and compassion of Christian Solidarity International’s Mr. John Eibner. He pioneered the practice of slave redemption, partnering with local Christian and Muslim tribes in Sudan, to retrieve and negotiate for the release of slaves captured by Arab raiders from the north. CSI has documented over 80,000 individuals who have returned from slavery through this system.”

Today, our work extends to church groups, missionaries, and clergy. It is due to our close relationships with airlines that we have access to the most flexible fares – including discounted missionary airfares, with generous terms and flexible conditions for long missions. Where deemed necessary, we can delay ticketing while funds are raised. We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we’re willing to try everything in our power to serve those who serve the world. Contact us at any of our offices for additional information.