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An unusual work arrangement

Travel consultant Petra continues to work for Raptim after moving halfway around the world

Travel consultant Petra Roosendaal used to work from our Dutch offices in Tilburg and Utrecht. After immigrating to New Zealand with her husband some 9 years ago, she continues to work for Raptim from home.

“On particularly busy nights, I have a hard time turning off my computer”

Petra Roosendaal, Raptim travel consultant

“When making plans to start our new life in New Zealand, I realized that it might actually be a good idea to continue my job for Raptim from there,” Petra explains. She discussed her idea with then-general manager, Leo Van Dongen, and they came up with a plan together.

“We figured, because of the 10-hour time difference between the Netherlands and New Zealand, it might be of added value if I worked from there – picking up unfinished work for my Dutch colleagues during what would be their night time,” Petra recalls. “So we decided to give it a try.”

“After our move, I started off by working 4 hour days. It turned out to be a great success. I have almost been working full-time since then,” Petra says. “During the night, I look into reservation requests that my Dutch colleagues aren’t able to get to during the day. I also research clients’ questions that come in via email at night,” Petra says. “So when our clients return to their computers in the morning, they will find an answer in their email.”

“On particularly busy nights, I have a hard time turning off my computer. There always seems to be just one more urgent request coming in that I would like to take care of,” Petra says.

“My bond with Raptim goes way back. I feel right at home with Raptim and feel very connected to our long-time customers,” she says. “I feel inspired by the work of our customers around the world. Their drive and determination still touches me every time. It’s a privilege to be able to contribute to their work.”