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Uganda: the world’s most welcome country for refugees

Uganda has one of the most generous and progressive approaches to hosting refugees in the region, if not the world. But Uganda’s generous and progressive policy towards refugees is under threat because thousands of new refugees arrive each day and there is not enough capacity to adequately host all of them.

 Largest Refugee Population

Uganda is not a dangerous place to live. Its people are not fleeing the country like in the past. This stability is attracting Africans forced out of their counties due to harsh conditions caused by conflict, famine, and intolerable governments. In the case of South Sudan, political disagreements triggered violence causing devastation, destruction, and death. Uganda hosts one of the largest refugee populations in the world. Currently, Uganda is hosting over 1.2 million refugees of which over 900,000 are from South Sudan. Uganda welcomed more refugees each day in 2016 than many wealthy European countries accepted the entire year, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

Uganda Popular with Refugees

Many refugees flee to Uganda instead of other countries. The main reason is Uganda’s 2006 Refugee Act. This act is considered one of the most progressive and generous in the world. The Refugee Act assures that every refugee will be provided with free healthcare and education in refugee settlements and permits refugees to move freely in the country. In Uganda, refugees are hosted in designated areas called “settlements” where they are allocated pieces of land to put up shelters, grow food, and start their own businesses. Refugees are given relative freedom of movement, equal access to primary education, healthcare, and other basic social services, and they have the right to work and own a business.

Upon arrival in Uganda, refugees receive a work permit, 900 square meters of land, and permission to remain forever. This has enabled many of them to contribute to the local economy and to be able to rebuild their lives and communities upon return to their home countries.

If you want to know more about Uganda and its refugee policy and humanitarian organizations who are dedicated to helping those in need of aid, do not hesitate to contact us.