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Turkish Airlines introduces in-flight mobile internet for travelers

Turkish Airlines will introduce a new mobile internet connectivity service for its passengers starting April 2017. Using Panasonic’s eXPhone service, the travelers flying with the airline will be able to go online uninterrupted via their mobile smartphones.

Passengers can surf online whilst in the air

Passengers onboard Turkish Airlines will be able to send text messages (though not voice messages), check their e-mails and browse the internet, including social media platforms using their mobile phones; all thanks to the new service.

The internet service is an addition to the existing Wi-Fi and live television available on Turkish Airline’s Boeing B777 and Airbus A330 aircrafts. This is the airline’s answer to the recently imposed directive by the United States and the United Kingdom which bans travelers on flights from several Middle Eastern and African countries to carry laptops and tablets into the aircraft cabin. Smartphones are still allowed under that directive and could be used either with the aircraft’s Wi-Fi or by its cellular connection to the aircraft’s picocell.

Turkish Airlines flies to a range of destinations in the United States and the United Kingdom and this eXPhone service allows travelers to send and receive emails, or even surf the internet while in flight.

To make use of the new service Turkish Airlines offers, data roaming has to be activated on the traveler's smartphone. The service will then automatically run until the flight is ready to land. However, the service is not free of charge. The eXPhone service will be billed by the passengers' mobile phone operators. The pricing will vary depending on your individual roaming tariffs.

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