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Travelers at Schiphol are missing flights amidst huge influx

Schiphol is currently experiencing an influx in the amount of travelers that use the airport daily. The Dutch people are enjoying a two-week holiday, majority of whom are going on vacation. This is putting a lot of pressure on the airport to an extent that some travelers are even missing their flights.

Another busy day at Schiphol

After a relatively quiet Sunday, KLM is expecting the amount of travelers to go up again on Monday because more flights are departing. The airline encourages passengers to be present three hours in advance, including passengers for European flights. On Monday morning around nine o’clock, there was a peaceful atmosphere at the airport complemented by shorter queues at check-in desks, Dutch newspaper Het Parool reports.

However, KLM anticipates a sharp increase of travelers throughout the day. “Saturday we were counting on 190,000 travelers. On Monday, we’ll pass the 200,000,” a spokesperson said. During summer, it is usually this crowded at Schiphol. “Incredible,” the airline says.

A spokesperson for the airport confirms additional measures are being put in place. “We are doing our best and working hard to make everything go as smooth as possible.” More staff members are being deployed, especially at luggage checks to reduce incidences that result from delays like missing flights. Travelers were complaining on social media during the weekend that since Easter, sixty KLM travelers, on a daily average, are missing their flights. The airline attributes this solely to the long traveler queues.

KLM dreads to think what this trend will mean for travelers during summer. "The whole infrastructure is not build for crowds like this." In August the amount of travelers could spike at 225,000.

The number of flights until 2020 is limited to 500,000 per year. "We're rapidly moving that," KLM says. Though Schiphol has already pledged to stay within the limits.

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