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Humanitarian Travel Services Proven to be Invaluable

Providing humanitarian aid comes with a lot of uncertainties and unexpected challenges. Humanitarians like yourself often face tough situations in which you might need assistance from experienced travel agents. We’re happy to help with our Travel Services!

Humanitarian Travel Services Can Help

In a recent humanitarian endeavor in South Sudan, vicious fighting between different ethnic groups erupted in a camp. While these people are in great need of humanitarian assistance, you will be risking your own life should you stay under such circumstances. We offer various humanitarian travel services which can help you get away safely from such unsafe situations, or prevent you from ending up there in the first place.

Essential Travel Services That Raptim Provides

  1. We understand that one of our greatest attributes is the 24/7 emergency service. By offering this service, our staff provide around-the-clock access to all our clients who find themselves in an emergency situation. Whenever you feel the need to contact us due to an emergency, feel free to do so. We can offer flexible travel solutions which can solve almost any problem you might be experiencing. Our dedicated travel agents are used to dealing with complicated itineraries, and at times extremely urgent travel needs of aid workers and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure you get the travel service that fits your situation.
  2. As illustrated by the example mentioned above, humanitarian work is not risk-free. We implement a risk-management tool, Raptim Care, to assist humanitarian aid workers who’re who are working at unstable locations. It is an essential element in the corporate duty of care responsibilities and provides options for compiling a pre-trip preparation and alerting travelers of events that could impact their itineraries or affect their personal safety.
    This especially comes in handy when you’re traveling to vulnerable and dangerous locations such as in the aftermath of an earthquake or a region which is involved in war and civil conflict. While the local population might need help more than anything, your own safety should come first. Our risk-management tool helps to keep you, and your humanitarian colleagues, safe and far from harm.

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Both services are of great importance to humanitarian aid workers. Together with our negotiable and flexible airfares with more than 40 airlines, our specialized services make us a full-service humanitarian travel management company second to none. We are trying daily to improve the quality and adding value to the world of humanitarian travel.

Kindly inform your travel manager about our travel services. Look at our factsheet for a full overview and contact us should you have any questions.