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Uber Announces Partnership with AirAsia

“Uber announced a partnership with AirAsia to help provide a seamless, affordable, and convenient door-to-door experience for travelers! The two companies will work together to make it easier to get home or to the airport. The partnership is announced for all the 52 cities, and 16 markets across the Asia Pacific and the USA where AirAsia operates and the Uber app is available.

Riders can Schedule up to 30 Days in Advance

This partnership will go beyond offering promo codes and discounted rides and will include joint marketing efforts and technological integration. Although when you are a new Uber user, you can register your account and enter the promo code “AIRASIA’. As a result of Uber and AirAsia working together, customers are able to request their Uber ride to the airport to coincide with their itinerary and have their Uber driver waiting for them when they arrive at their destination.

Seamless Travel

According to Uber and AirAsia, working together like this should result in a seamless, door-to-door travel experience. So, whether you are trying to get home or are heading to an important business meeting somewhere in Asia or the USA, you will be provided with travel comfort and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that getting to your destination is completely taken care of.

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