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Today, we want to share with you a story about a Raptim employee who went above and beyond to help a customer in need. This is the story told by our Operations Manager at Raptim Tilburg, Olga Ansems.

Say yes

Today I want to share with you this leap of understanding and a moment of pride. As a travel agent in Raptim, Tilburg; I quickly learned a very crucial lesson that shaped me in many ways, and for the better, but especially as an operations manager, the post I currently hold. After reading an inspiring book I found on Google, I adopted the valuable advice from page 73: say yes as often as you can. As a manager, I say ‘yes’ very often. Hoping to create new experiences and help people grow. However, lately, I have had some doubts.

Is this the way to go? On a morning like any other, something special happened in our office. It almost triggered me into saying no, right against my principles. Luckily, this employee proved me wrong.

One of our frequent flyers from an NGO that helps refugees had called our emergency phone at 6 pm to request a departure time change on a Brussels – Amsterdam ticket, connecting to Entebbe (Uganda). This ticket had not been booked at our office. We had nothing to do with it. The colleague in charge elaborated that nothing much could be done and advised the frequent flyer to contact airline KLM directly. The frequent flyer ended up in a complicated struggle with KLM.

The only option seemed like making a re-book to a higher fare by paying an additional 600 euros. That’s quite a glamorous amount that is better spent on helping the vulnerable people who need it most. She could not take no for an answer, leading to a fierce discussion between her and KLM on Twitter.

These tweets were noticed by the frequent flyer’s dedicated travel agent working for the Tilburg team at Raptim. On arriving at the office that morning, she called the organization of the frequent flyer and requested a copy of the ticket. Just to see if she could be of any help. Without consulting me, or anybody else, she thought: okay, yes, I can do this. She took a plunge into the KLM matter using her extensive experience and expertise.

When I came into the office that morning, I told her that her hard-fought efforts would probably be in vain. I was wrong. My negative thoughts on the subject would have had quite some impact on making other people drop the case. But luckily, this employee wasn’t taking no for an answer. With her determination, she resolved her client’s problem by looking into the issue from an entirely different perspective. She called KLM and asked them to make the changes to the ticket; dropping the Brussels – Amsterdam part, Free of charge, by the rules. She booked a new Brussels - Amsterdam ticket for a total fare of 150 euros, making a saving of 450 euros! Our client was unbelievably ecstatic. And I was so proud this opportunity was seized.

Besides having special humanitarian airfares that can benefit almost any NGO, there are other numerous benefits you derive from our close collaboration with more than 40 airlines across the globe. Humanitarians looking to travel to diverse destinations to help those who need it most can benefit from high levels of flexibility when booking a flight. Therefore, the cost-related effects of changing your itinerary are limited. Please contact any of our offices should you have any questions.