249 - How to Travel Internationally For The First Time
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Raptim Humanitarian Travel Tips: How to Travel Internationally For The First Time

When you go on a humanitarian or faith-based mission for the very first time, air travel can seem like a daunting prospect. What happens when you get to the airport? Do you need identification? Although the uncertainties seem endless, there is no reason to worry. Millions do it every day. To make your experience less stressful, we will give tips on how to travel internationally for the first time.

Raptim Humanitarian Travel Tips for first-time travelers

Lucky enough, you can leave the booking to Raptim. We take that burden off of your shoulder so that you can focus totally on your very first flight. With your tickets sorted, it’s time for your trip. Before you travel to the airport, make sure you have all the necessary documents with you.

Ensure that your luggage meets airline requirements. Most airlines allow passengers to bring one carry-on item and one personal item, such as a laptop or a bag. Check the specifications for your airline. Pack your carry-on bag with care. For your carry-on baggage, you can put liquids in 100 ml containers as long as they fit in a single, quart-sized, sealable, clear plastic bag.

Arrive at the airport early, because procedures there can take up quite a bit of time. Three hours before boarding is a safe guideline for an international flight. Then it’s time to check in at the airline desk. Have your photo identification ready to present to the agent. If you don’t have selected seats, you can ask the agent for a window or aisle seat. Your checked bags will be tagged and placed on a conveyor to be taken to the plane. Remember to take your boarding passes and ID card from the agent.

Security is the next stop. You will be asked for your passport and boarding pass. Take off your shoes at the screening machine and place them into a plastic bin. In case you brought a laptop with you, place it into a separate bin, and send it down the conveyor along with your carry-on bag. An agent will wave you through the metal detector, and ask you to walk through.

We are getting closer to your very first flight. Now, go to your gate. If your boarding pass doesn't have a gate number on it, check the electronic displays to find your flight and gate number. Go to the gate and have a seat until a gate agent calls for boarding. Once you've boarded the plane, find your seat by checking the numbers above each row, and stow small bags under the seat in front of you and larger bags in the overhead bins.

Now it's time to get airborne. Don't be afraid, relax, surrender yourself and enjoy the flight. Once your flight lands, exit the airplane and follow signs for baggage claim. Your flight number and departure city will be on an electronic display, wait with the crowd until the conveyor starts moving and your bag arrives. That's it! You've completed your very first flight! Check out these tips for travel from the airport.

The travel tips mentioned above can prove to be very helpful when you're undertaking humanitarian travel, especially for the first time. We believe our world is a better place when your compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we are glad to help you with every step of your journey. Want to know more? Follow our blog for more travel information.