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Travel consultants Bianca, Demelza & Rinske travel to Nairobi

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Bianca Van Gaal, Demelza IJsseldijk and Rinske Den Hertog – all travel consultants in the Netherlands – recently traveled together on an office exchange to Raptim’s office in Kenya. They spent a week in Nairobi and worked alongside their Kenyan colleagues.

“A major difference between Raptim’s Nairobi and the Dutch offices,” Bianca says, “is that Nairobi has a lot of private customers coming into the office to book a trip or a tour.”

“At some point, the whole office was full of waiting customers,” Rinske recounts. “This would never happen at our Amsterdam office or Tilburg office – simply because, in the Netherlands, we handle all requests either via email or phone.”

Demelza adds, “Many of our customers in Nairobi are priests and nuns. They come into the office to have a chat and book their tickets in person.”

“Now I can speak from my own experience when advising our clients.”

Bianca Van Gaal, Raptim travel consultant

“The office exchange program is a great way to experience a different country,” Bianca says. “I had been to Africa before and even to Kenya. But it’s an entirely different experience when you actually go to work there. You feel like you actually take part in everyday life and get a real taste of the culture.”

The girls went on a tour of Nairobi airport that gave them insight into their clients’ travel experience. “Nairobi is a big travel hub in Africa. Many of our clients fly there,” Rinske explains. “That’s why it’s great to have a real sense of what the airport is like – how big it is, how much time is really needed in order to transfer flights comfortably.” Bianca adds, “Now we can speak from our own experience when advising our clients.”

“Working from our Nairobi office for a week made me realize that we tend to take a lot for granted,” Demelza says. “As part of our exchange, we visited several of our clients’ projects – a children’s village and an orphanage – and it’s left a lasting impression on all of us.”

All three girls take pride in working for, what they call, “not just your average travel agent”. “Our target group is very different from that of most other travel agents,” Demelza says. “Not a single day at work is alike. Every day, we receive urgent requests for challenging destinations.”

“We are truly committed to the organizations we work for and feel involved in the work of our clients,” Rinske says. Bianca adds, “It has been great to be able to contribute to the work of so many unique organizations that work hard to make the world a little better.”