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Travel for a Bargain when Humanitarian

Humanitarian airfares are beneficial to all the stakeholders involved: you, your NGO travel manager, and the needy people at large. Compassion matters, and taking action works wonders. This has always been the driving force behind our people and their dedication to humanitarian travel. We offer a great range of travel services. From Duty of Care and car rentals to group travel and flexible flight tickets.

Flexible Humanitarian Fares

The effects of disasters on airfares cannot be underestimated. They can bring about a need to make immediate changes to your itinerary. In these cases, our flexible humanitarian fares are extremely useful. With these special fares, changes to your itinerary can be quickly arranged, often free of charge. You’re sure that your valuable and limited resources will be spent directly on your cause where it is needed the most.

How We Can Help

We believe compassion matters. That’s why we love to serve humanitarians who dedicate their lives to making positive changes to the lives of others all over the world. We offer multiple, integrated travel services. Most of these services will prove to be very helpful when you’re on humanitarian travel. These services include:

Our travel consultants will help minimize your travel expenses by helping you keep a close eye on them. Here are some additional tips for traveling at a bargain to help you.

We Help You to Travel Where It is Needed Most

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. As a global humanitarian travel organization, we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world. Our experienced staff can be reached at any given time. Please use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions. You can also follow our blog for more stories and travel information.