Tour travel

Holy land Tours

Our tours department focuses on Holy Land tours that are led by a church leader through historical biblical sites. Tour leaders work with Raptim to book flights, hotels, ground transportation and manage of all the details of the itinerary. In addition, our Tours department in Rome helps with the planning of custom tours such as pilgrimages, field trips, incoming groups, cultural heritage, visits to field projects.

Side Trips for Volunteers

It takes a special kind of dedication to volunteer to help others around the world. Volunteer work gives compassionate people a golden opportunity to develop their invaluable skills. This way you can make a tangible difference in the lives of the vulnerable and the affected. When heading out for your short-term or long-term projects, Raptim Tours can work with you to add some opportunities for fellowship and enjoyment. We can also assist you with your side trip opportunities during your stay.

Donor Trips

Raptim organizes travel for organizations that want to showcase their projects to their donors. We assist donors to go and meet the people and projects they are already investing in, managing all the details of the itinerary.  From arranging and changing complex itineraries, reacting to unexpected developments and making the proper pre-travel arrangements, humanitarian travel managers oversee every little step of the journey.


We ensure a memorable and seamless travel experience!

Experience the world with a purpose! For more than 50 years, Raptim Tours has been providing highly personalized, enriching travel experiences for our guests. We are committed to furthering our client’s passion and purpose by providing unique travel experiences that are educational and informative while also providing opportunities for fellowship and enjoyment. Our tours team is passionate about serving our clients and strives for excellence in all the details to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable trip.

How it works

So you have plans for humanitarian travel, but are not quite sure how to get started? We can explain it to you in four steps.

Step 1

Contact us! Our travel consultants are waiting for your call or e-mail.

Step 2

If you're new with us, we'll explain to you how Humanitarian Fares work and check if you are eligible for such a discount.

Step 3

Are your dates confirmed? In accordance with your preferred time and passengers we'll send you different flight options. Of course, this still can be adjusted later on. We can also help you with arranging travel risk insurance, accommodations and travel after your flight.

Step 4
Everything in order? We'll confirm the booking and send you the tickets.