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Top 100 Global NGOs

NGOs do fantastic work around the world every day! Here is the list of Top 100 Global NGOs. Let’s celebrate these fantastic humanitarian, development, and charitable organizations that are making the world a better place! Note that the list is in alphabetical order. Know a great organization, not on the list? Share with us via Twitter @raptimhumtravel!

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African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)

Food security and poverty are two issues that often surface when talking about the environment and Africa. AATF addresses both by working with local farmers. They create partnerships with larger technology firms to aid farmers to achieve better crop yields. Through these partnerships, they help local communities adapt innovative technologies to help meet their needs. Here’s a list of 10 more African environmental NGOs.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger originated in France and looks for sustainable solutions to hunger. It helps children suffering from malnutrition and aids communities to reach food and water security.


Active in 45 countries, ActionAid works on community development issues. Their main goal is to achieve global justice for all.

Acumen Fund

An investment organization, Acumen Fund provides capital for social enterprises. The organization focuses on funding innovative solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and the United States. Neither the markets nor aid alone can solve the problems of poverty. More than two billion people around the world lack access to essential goods and service, from clean water and electricity to education and the freedom to participate in the economy. Acumen is there to change that. Their vision is a world based on dignity, where every human being has the same opportunity.


Aflatoun educated children around the world. They teach kids about their rights and financial management for a brighter future.

Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT)

ACT has, most of all, been working in transforming violent conflict to peaceful conflict since 1999. They focus on education, youth, and innovation as the cornerstones of achieving their mission. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.

African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA)

ALMA unites 49 heads-of-state from the African continent who are actively fighting against malaria. The goal is to eliminate the disease by 2030. One of ALMA’s flagship projects is the Scorecard for Accountability and Action where countries commit to real action against malaria.

Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)

A member organization, AfP is a network of over 100 partners working together towards peacebuilding. Their goal is to ensure that resources are leveraged between their members to best tackle peacebuilding issues around the world. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.

Amnesty International

With over 7 million supporters around the world, Amnesty International is a truly global organization. It helps people everywhere to fight for their human rights.

Amref Health Africa

Based in East Africa, Amref Health Africa looks to have a lasting impact on health outcomes in the African region. They provide both medical services and health worker training.

Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International works to prevent and eradicate slavery in all its forms, including child labor, domestic slavery, and slave work around the world.


Did you know that southern giant African rats can detect mines and tuberculosis? Apopo trains them to do so, saving lives from dangerous land mines, left from past conflicts.

Arc International

Arc International participated in the drafting of the Yogyakarta Principles. It outlines the fundamental rights of humans as it relates to sexual orientation and gender preferences. As a result of the Yogyakarta Principles, backed by the United Nations, is a significant landmark in international law which reiterates that human rights do not have any exceptions.

Association for Social Advancement

The Association for Social Advancement (ASA) provides microfinancing for grassroots businesses. Its goal is to reduce poverty in Bangladesh and around the world.


Ashoka finds and invests in social entrepreneurs around the world. The provide incubation for businesses, as well as various other services to support the success of social enterprises.

Association for the Protection of the Environment

The Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE) supports garbage collectors in Cairo. Their efforts have helped to recycle nearly 90% of the garbage that they collect, setting an incredible precedent for other waste treatment and disposal programs.

Barefoot College

A research center, Barefoot College, looks at a variety of topics. These include education, skill development, health, drinking water, women empowerment and electrification through solar power for the upliftment of rural people.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Founded by the founder and CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tackles a wide range of global issues. One of their projects is Accelerate to Zero. Therefore this initiative focuses on eradicating malaria through developing innovative interventions for its prevention and mobilizing comprehensive support.  

Blue Planet Network

As part of the Thrive Networks, Blue Planet Network focuses on connecting organizations that fund clean water, sanitation, and hygiene projects through the developed and developing world. Its milestones include 110 organizations working on water and sanitation access in 27 countries, and they track 1,950 member projects on water and sanitation.


Based in Bangladesh, BRAC is one of the largest human development organization in the world. They address issues in human rights & social empowerment, education & health, livelihood, environmental & disaster preparedness.


Cambia believes that everyone should have access to science. So, they created an open-source search facility to share information with others. Their efforts sparked the first ever Biological Open Source Initiative.

CARE International

CARE is one of the oldest humanitarian organizations in the world. It provides disaster response and fights poverty through long-term international development projects.

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A network of influential investors and significant players, Ceres advocates for global sustainability. They are one of the primary drivers of corporate social responsibility initiatives in green solutions and sustainability.

All of Charity: waters funds of private donations go into the field. And they can prove it. One of their projects is building latrines to improve sanitation.

Child Empowerment International

Child Empowerment International works in war-torn geographies to provide education and healthcare for children living primarily in refugee and displaced people camps. CEI has been providing education and experiences for children who have a post-traumatic stress disorder and other challenges related to war trauma and violent experiences for the past 20 years. This includes the establishment of day schools for children without access to education either within refugee centers or within the communities in which they reside. Here’s a list of 38 other NGOs Dedicated to Improve Education.

Clinton Foundation – Clinton Health Access Initiative

The rollout of new vaccines for developing countries is the goal of the Clinton Foundation with its Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) that partners with the governments of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Malawi to rollout new pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines and to gather and distribute data on such successful programs in other countries.

Comic Relief

Based in the UK, Comic Relief actively fundraises and distributes grants to NGOs around the world. One of their lines of funding goes to the Malaria Consortium. This initiative works to educate communities about the disease, train health workers, and provide support for disease prevention as well as treatment drugs.

Concordis International

Working around the world, Concordis International has the goal to transform violent conflict and create peace. Their programs are aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict, but also ensuring that communities are empowered with peacebuilding and mediation skills. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.

Conservation International

Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership, and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature in addition to our global biodiversity for the well-being of humanity.

Search for Common Ground

Conflicts cause excessive death and suffering. The Search for Common Ground (SFCG) looks for new solutions to adversary conflict. Their goal is to shift to peaceful resolutions and find common ground.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Working for over 75 years around the world, CRS helps vulnerable people all over the globe. Currently, they work on 18 malaria programs in 14 countries. One example is their malaria chemoprevention distribution program through which they deliver much-needed preventative drugs to communities.

Cure Violence

Cure Violence perceives violence as a health issue. Therefore, the organization is working to reduce violence in communities by addressing the root causes of violent behavior.

Danish Refugee Council

Working in conflict-affected areas, the Danish Refugee Council provides aid and protection for refugees around the world.

Fare Share

A UK-based charity, Fare Share saves food from being wasted and redistributes it to those in need. It works with local charities, who then provide food to vulnerable communities.

Femmes Africa Solidarite

African women, leaders in their countries, founded Femmes Africa Solidarite in 1996. Their mission is to empower women and include women in the peacebuilding process.

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

The FIDH fights for human rights. It promotes justice, freedom, and democracy. They also denounce human rights violations.

Fauna and Flora International

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is a proven conservation innovator that continues to make a lasting impact on global biodiversity – the variety of life on Earth.

Forum for African Women Educationalists

Five female education ministers from African countries founded the Forum for African Women Educationalists in 1992. Today, the pan-African organization promotes education for all.


An international social enterprise, Friends-International protects children. Their mission is to ensure that children are treated fairly, equally, and are safe from abuse.

Friends of the Earth

The goal of Friends of the Earth is to achieve a better and healthier environment by 2030. Part of this effort includes reducing plastic pollution. To this end, the organization promotes #PlasticFreeFriday where followers join efforts to avoid using plastic once per week, and hopefully even more often.


SMS messaging is one of the best ways to engage with communities around the world. FrontlineSMS provides a platform for engagement for charitable purposes.

Gaia Amazonas

Gaia Amazonas protects cultural and natural heritage in the Amazon forest. They promote the rights of indigenous peoples residing in the region and advocate for the protection of the woods.

Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi)

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi) is a world leader in vaccine support, currently offering 13 lifesaving vaccines. Indeed, its mission is to save children’s lives and protect people’s health in lower-income countries. At the end of the twentieth century, immunization in more impoverished countries was stagnating and even halted, so the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged US$ 750 million over five years to bring together public and private sectors to alleviate this problem. Their new approach brought immunizations, local expertise, and access to new vaccines. The ultimate goal was to help countries pay for this important health care—and it works! By 2016, Gavi had reached more than 640 million children and prevented more than 9 million deaths. By 2020, the aim is to reach 300 million children and prevent 5-6 million deaths over the long term.


GATE is an organization that focuses on addressing the unique issues faced by transgenders. Among essential programs pursued includes the removal of transgender disorder from the International Classification of Diseases by the World Health Organization.

Geneva Call

Geneva Call negotiates with armed non-governmental state actors to respect international laws and protections. Their ultimate goal is human rights protection and peacebuilding.

Global Footprint Network

The Global Footprint Network advocates for climate change prevention. Their goal is to reduce every person’s footprint on the planet’s environment.

The Global March Against Child Labour

Global March is an international network of teachers, trade unions, and civil society. The organization promotes the elimination of child labor. Their programs focus on community participation, such as the Creating Child-Friendly Communities to End Child Labour. They also attack the core of the issue by Addressing Child Labour and Trafficking In Supply Chains. Here is an article with four other NGO’s on ending child labour.

Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)

Principally an advocacy group, the GNWP brings together women’s organizations and groups from around the world. Most of these are based in conflict-affected areas and promote the participation of women in peacebuilding efforts. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.

Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)

This is also a membership organization, GPPAC is comprised of civil society organizations working through fifteen different regional networks. All have one thing in common—they are working towards conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.

Global Viral

Infectious viral diseases can be a significant threat to global health. Global Viral works with researchers, governments, and leaders to forecast and prevent these health threats.

The program at Global Water is designed to enable the rural poor to help themselves. So Global Water developed a model called Rural Outreach Water Supply Program (ROWS) to help organize clean water projects and build sanitation facilities, such as latrines to create safe waste disposal while providing dignity to rural villagers.

Global Water Foundation

The ultimate goal of the Global Water Foundation is providing safe, healthy, drinking water, and adequate sanitation in areas where it is not available or where accessibility and supply have been compromised. They do this with a charitable trust.

Global Witness

The world’s watchdog, Global Witness, investigates and uncovers cases of corruption and environmental abuse around the world.

Gram Vikas

Gram Vikas means “village development.” The India-based organization works for sustainable and dignified rural development.


You’ve probably already heard of Greenpeace. This global NGO actively works to promote a wide range of environmental issues.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI)

A polio-free world is the goal of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) along with its core partners the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and finally the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Over 2.5 billion children have been vaccinated with the help of 20 million volunteers in 200 countries. This disease-specific organization continues immunization and surveillance programs in its successful, polio-free countries and the three polio-endemic countries of Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Habitat for Humanity

Having shelter is a human right. Habitat for Humanity works with communities to provide each person with dignified and affordable housing.

Handicap International

Handicap International works in conflict zones and disaster-affected areas. They support members of communities who have a disability, as well as the most vulnerable groups.

Heartland ALLiance International

Heartland ALLiance International is also focused on caring for LGBTs who may have been forced out of their homelands as a result of gender discrimination. As with many organizations on this list of NGOs fighting for LGBT rights, Heartland ALLiance lobbies for specialized social services to suit the needs of LGBTs.

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Heifer International

Heifer International works with poor communities around the world to end hunger and poverty. They provide livestock and training for sustainable livelihoods development.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has gained a worldwide reputation for its comprehensive reports, which includes briefs on human rights conditions on a country level. To advance LGBT rights, this organization documents human rights abuses suffered by the LGBT community. It also lobbies for policy, structural, and political support for LGBT causes.

Immunization Action Coalition USA (IAC)

This 317 Coalition aims to secure funding from the US Congress to meet to nation’s immunization needs and to educate parents and people of all ages about vaccines that save lives. Here’s just one example of a successful project using a current media app: THRIVE (Teen/Young Adult Health Resources, Information & Vaccine Education) provides parents of teens and young adults with a mobile, interactive resource to help them guide these young adults to take care of their health.

ILGA Europe

ILGA Europe conducts advocacy work, which includes training its members so that LGBT issues may be better understood. This organization also organizes study visits to promote greater exposure to LGBT issues and needs.

Injaz al-Arab

A not-for-profit organization, Injaz al-Arab connects young people with business leaders for hands-on training.

Innovations for Poverty Action

A research organization, Innovations for Poverty Action looks for new ways to end poverty around the world.

International Alert

With a robust community-based approach, International Alert works with those who are affected by conflict. Their programs focus on sustainable change in perception and attitude of communities towards each other, as well as policy influence towards lasting peace. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.

International Bridges to Justice

Based in Geneva, International Bridges to Justice works around the world to promote justice. They aim to ensure fair legal representation, prevent illegal or cruel punishment, and promote legal rights.

International Centre for Transitional Justice

The International Centre for Transitional Justice works with countries emerging from conflict to help them set up justice systems.

International Commission of Jurists

This international collective work primarily involves legal redress for abuses experienced by members of the LGBT community. It does so by providing legal advice to local lawyers on how they can use existing law to uphold the rights of LGBTs. Simultaneously, it also works on the international level to increase legal accountability for human rights.

International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group works to prevent violent conflict. Their work includes research on crisis prevention, as well as conflict mitigation and resolution.

International Development Enterprises

International Development Enterprises works with poor rural communities to develop their businesses. They mitigate some of the risks of becoming an entrepreneur and provide ongoing business support.

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International Initiative to End Child Labour (IIECL)

The primary mission of IIECL is to eliminate the worst forms of child labour. Their focus is on awareness-raising, education, capacity building, assisting private entities in developing their labour programs, as well as working with communities. IIECL runs several campaigns, including Children in the Fields to fight hazardous work in agriculture. Here is an article with four other NGO’s on ending child labour.

International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps works in communities affected by conflict. They provide medical services and train local personnel to allow for sustainable healthcare in communities.

International Rescue Committee

A humanitarian organization, the International Rescue Committee responds to disasters around the world. They also provide resilience training and post-disaster support.


Universal global access to clean water by 2030 is the mission of IRCWash. This organization partners with WaterAid and Water for People in promoting change necessary to reach this goal. “Leaving no one behind” is the Dutch sector professionals’ symposium on how to reach and prioritize the most vulnerable. IRCWash is celebrating its 50th anniversary in December of 2018 of successful advocacy and support for global WASH programs that include sanitation ranging from Burkina Faso to Latin America.


Established by the United Nations in 1994, Interpeace is another one on this list of NGOs keeping peace. Interpeace supports grassroots peacebuilding initiatives. They are present in 21 countries on four continents, and their particular focus is on innovation for peacebuilding. Here is a list of 22 other peacekeeping NGOs.


The idea behind KickStart is to reduce poverty sustainably. They do so by increasing employment and entrepreneurship among the poorest people in Africa.


Landesa works with governments around the world to ensure land rights for the most impoverished populations. This helps to lift them out of poverty and provide them with basic dignity.


Originating in Chile, Libera works against human trafficking. Their programs include human trafficking prevents, the persecution of mafias trafficking people around the world, and support for the victims.

Love 146

One of the most shocking crimes is human trafficking and sexual exploitation. For this reason, Love 146 began to work with children who are survivors of this horrible practice to help them lead normal lives. Their ultimate goal is to stop child trafficking and exploitation entirely. For this, they work in advocacy and education programs for prevention. These are mainly focused on educating children on how to protect themselves. Love 146 also takes care of victims through survivor care locations. Here is an article with four other NGO’s on ending child labour.

Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

Originating in the US, LWR works across the globe on the principle of “helping thy neighbor.” The organization aids those most in need. LWR runs several malaria projects, including Increasing Community Investment for Malaria Control in Tanzania. This project aims to increase community access to health services and treatment of malarial diseases.

Marie Stopes International

The slogan for Marie Stopes International is children by choice, not chance. The organizations provide safe contraception and abortion options for women around the world.

Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders

Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders provides medical services in conflict areas around the world. They send medical teams to the places where help is needed most.

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Medic Mobile

An innovation initiative, Medic Mobil designs and provides technology for doctors working the most hard-to-reach areas.

Medical Relief International Charity

Medical Relief International Charity helps to provide medical services to everyone. They focus in particular on women, children, and people with disabilities.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a humanitarian organization that supports community mobilization to overcome challenges. They address issues such as health, education, poverty reduction, and more. In our ‘A Closer Look’ series, we highlighted Mercy Corps, which puts a high value on aid or the development of vulnerable locations and communities.

Mercy Ships 

Mercy Ships is a faith-based international charity and currently operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world. They provide humanitarian aid like free health care, community development projects, community health education, mental health programs, agriculture projects, and palliative care for terminally ill patients. We are honored to have Mercy Ships as our fifth highlighted organization in our edition of ‘A Closer Look.’

Mediators Beyond Borders

Just like doctors or translators without borders, Mediators Beyond Borders provides non-profit mediation services towards peacebuilding. Their goal is also to promote best practices in negotiation and mediation and educate practitioners around the world.

Mideast Youth

Working in the Middle East and North Africa, Mideast Youth provides a platform for the voices of young people in the region.

Movember Foundation

You may have seen all of the men rocking mustaches in November. That’s the work of Movember Foundation, raising funds for research in men’s health.

Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC)

With the primary mission to promote the rights of people to clean air, clean water, and a cleaner habitat, the NRDC is a global NGO with nearly 3 million members. They make a strong focus on individual action for environmental preservation, including ways to reduce plastic pollution.


The NatureServe network includes many faces, names, and expertise from the United States, Canada, and Latin America. More than 1,000 conservation professionals work hand in hand to ensure that relevant and reliable science is driving towards meaningful conservation action. They believe the beauty of natural life that exists all around us must be discovered, documented, protected, and saved.

One Acre Fund

The One Acre Fund works with more than half a million small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Their goal is to reduce poverty and increase livelihoods.

OneWorld Health

Millions of people around the world do not have access to proper healthcare. OneWorld Health fills the gap by creating community-centered healthcare facilities and programs.

Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations support various charities around the world. Their four lines of funding include advancing justice, education, public health, and independent media.


Oxfam is a global humanitarian and development organization. They provide disaster response, support to victims of conflict, and set up various development projects around the world.

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Panzi Hospital and Foundation

Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Panzi is a public hospital open for everyone. The Foundation mainly focuses on the survivors of sexual violence and women with complex gynecological issues.

Partners in Health

Founded in Boston, Partners in Health provides modern medicine to those most in need.


Based in Seattle, PATH is an innovator and a non-for-profit developer of medical solutions. Their areas of focus include vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations.

PLAN International

Working across the world, PLAN International promotes the rights of children, particularly girls. Their programs include education, protection, health, and more.


Working in India and the USA, PlanetRead has the aim of ensuring literacy for everyone. They promote education, as well as reading in general.

Plastic Change

Based in Denmark, Plastic Change works on an international scale to raise awareness and implement actions concerning plastic pollution. While they tackle several plastics-related issues, one of their latest campaigns is called Beat the Microbead, an app which informs the microplastic content in cosmetics.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Designed for both individuals and organizations, the Plastic Pollution Coalition is a network of partners working together to understand and solve plastic pollution. To contribute, each person can take the 4Rs Pledge to refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic. Want to get to know more NGOs working to reduce and eliminate plastic pollution? Here is a list of 94 NGOs in 39 countries around the world.

Plastic Soup Foundation

An advocacy group tackling plastic pollution, the Plastic Soup Foundation works on awareness, education, and solutions. Want to get involved in reducing the use of plastic? This foundation has a great app, My Little Plastic Footprint, which allows users to reduce their plastic footprint. Want to get to know more NGOs working to reduce and eliminate plastic pollution? Here is a list of 94 NGOs in 39 countries around the world.

Portable Light Project

The Portable Light Project provides decentralized and easy-to-use access to light and electricity for communities around the world.


Based in India, Pratham is one of the country’s largest NGOs. They work on providing quality education for the most impoverished children.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a community of farmers, forest communities, companies, and consumers. Their goal is to prevent deforestation and protect the world’s rainforests.

Reporters Sans Frontieres

Reporters Sans Frontieres or Reporters Without Borders ensure honest, well-researched and accurate news. They believe that everyone has the right to reliable information.


Reprieve fights for human rights, particularly when it comes to the rights of detainees. They address issues such as the death penalty and human rights violations in prisons.

Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources

A training center, the Rishi Valley Institute for Education Resources finds a way to provide value education for better access.

Room to Read

Room to Read has one goal – to improve literacy around the world. They work with communities and leaders to provide the opportunity for everyone to read.

Root Capital

Root Capital works in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. They partner with local farmers to improve their livelihoods.

Rotary International

An international volunteer organization, Rotary International comprises 1.2 million members who are actively working to tackle the world’s most pertinent issues. With Raptim as their preferred travel partner, Rotary International fights malaria through many programs. For example, Rotarian Malaria Partners work in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia against the spread of malaria disease.

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Saferworld works in 20 countries across the Horn of Africa, the African Great Lakes region, Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Their programs aim to increase peacebuilding and prevent conflict.

Saude Crianca

Originating in Brazil, Saude Crianca works with the families of hospitalized children living below the poverty line. Their goal is to ensure their financial stability and sustainability.

Save the Children International

Save the Children International supports children around the world. They sponsor their communities, provide education, and invest in children’s protection.

Search For Common Ground

Search for Common Ground looks for alternative ways to resolve a conflict that does not involve armed combat. They work on negotiations and dialogue between communities.

Stop Child Labour Coalition

Stop Child Labour is a coalition of multiple local and global organizations. All have one thing in common: the belief that no child should be exploited. The organization works more on the policy level to stop child labour. They participate in advocacy, revision of regulatory initiatives, research, conferences, forums, and campaigns fighting against child exploitation, advocacy, legal work, responses to regulatory actions, research conferences, forums, and campaigns. Here is an article with four other NGO’s on ending child labour.

Teach For America

Teach for America works in over 40 countries to bring new methodologies into classrooms around the world. Their goal is a more comprehensive and efficient education system everywhere.

The Big Issue

The Big Issue has one goal – to end poverty. To advance the anti-poverty agenda, the organization supports entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Global Fund

Established in 2002, the aim of The Global Fund as a financing institution is to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis, and also malaria. Its method is to raise funds to support immunization programs and medicine distribution programs run by local experts in countries that need the most help. Bill Gates calls it “one of the best and kindest things people have ever done for one another. . .”


Tostan works in several West African countries. They advance community agendas and mobilization to creating meaningful, long-lasting change.

Transparency International

Based in Berlin, Transparency International combats corruption around the world. They also fight illegal activities that arise from corruption.


TRIAL is a justice-oriented NGO that promotes the persecution of international law crimes. They also support victims of human rights violations and international crimes.

United Against Malaria (UAM)

Comprised of a network of over 200 partners, UAM also works together to end malaria deaths. This organization operates on three principal pillars: advocacy, political leadership commitment, and education on the use of preventative tools against malaria.


We all know about Unicef, but we might not know how it helps with immunizations. This is part of a plan to “reach every unreached child.” One-third of the deaths among children under the age of 5 are preventable with vaccines.

Unicef WASH

Adopted by Unicef, this program has been touted worldwide as the gold standard of providing access to clean water, education about separating human waste from contact with its people, and basic hygiene like simple washing with soap. It provides sanitation education in schools and sends teams to handle emergencies. Here’s a list of 30 NGOs providing sanitation and water in developing countries.

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Ushahidi is an open source tool for crowdsourcing, which allows mapping issues such as violence reports. It arose after the Kenyan elections of 2008 and has since been used by thousands of people.

Veterinarians Without Borders

Their mission is to work for, and with, communities in need to foster the health of animals, people, and the environments that sustain us.

Viva Rio

Viva Rio first started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to fight violence in the city. Today, it’s a multinational organization promoting peaceful communities and favorable public policies against violence.


Begun as a charity in the 1980s because no other such organization existed, WaterAid now reaches 24.9 million people (and counting) with decent toilets and 16.7 million with good hygiene. These statistics make its 2015 goal to reach everyone a reality. Watch for new countries to partner with WaterAid on the website. WaterAid Japan and WaterAid India are the latest members of this coalition to bring water, sanitation, and good hygiene to everyone. Here’s a list of 30 NGOs providing sanitation and water in developing countries.

Water For People

Water for People is creating long-term sustainable change in communities in 9 countries. They bring clean, safe drinking water to several communities. Here’s a list of 30 NGOs providing sanitation and water in developing countries.

WE Charity

A charity and a youth movement, WE Charity works in nine countries, addressing priority areas or intervention. These include education, water, health, food, and economic opportunity.


Witness promotes human rights around the world. They do so by training people in videography, to report human rights violations and clear proof to prosecute those who violate human rights.

World Land Trust

World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partner organizations around the world to create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife.

World Vision

Started in 1950 as World Vision Inc, this faith-based charity organization initially operated in the United States only, but quickly expanded to other countries in 1966. The organization changed its name to World Vision International in 1977, a name it still holds to this very day. The international headquarter is in London, while the administrative center and International Board is based in Monrovia, California. Priceless and countless humanitarian efforts for helping those in dire need are being supervised from these locations. More about World Vision and their excellent work in this article.

World Wild Fund (WWF)

The WWF is one of the largest global foundations fighting to protect living species and their environments around the world. The organization implements many programs for healthier oceans and actively works to raise awareness about plastic and the environment.

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