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Raptim Humanitarian Travel Tips: What to do when you’ve missed your flight

Traveling during the summer can be a real challenge for humanitarian workers. Most airports are extremely crowded, which causes long waiting queues. Therefore the possibility of missing your flight is quite high considering the situation. Here are some tips in case this happens to you.

Collect evidence after missing your flight

First of all, let’s focus on the things you can do to prevent missing a flight. To begin, make sure you arrive at the airport on time. Three to four hours before your flight should be a safe margin to allow you to go through the long queues with enough time to spare. Additionally, be sure to check the website of your airport for updates regarding your flight.
But sometimes the circumstances in which you missed your flight are out of your control. When that happens, collect evidence that you were at the airport at a particular time. Through the time stamped on your parking ticket for example. Or when you arrive at the airport and notice long waiting lines, visit your airline and try to get a declaration that proves you were there on time.
With that evidence, you can decide to file a complaint with the airport. The issue of fault is usually a grey area, which makes it more challenging. It depends on where you get stuck. Often you lose most time at customs, and that’s not the responsibility of the airport nor the airline.

Airlines could try and help you by offering a replacement flight or, if that’s not possible, a hotel to stay the night. But you should always contact Raptim, to see if we can assist you in any way. Our travel consultants are available 24/7 to help you wherever we can.

In case you don't have evidence for your time of arrival, or when there was a delay in your transport to the airport, the prospects are quite bleak. You're dependent on the grace of the airline, but in most cases, you will have to pay for the costs of a new flight.

It's also important to know that when you've missed your flight, your return flight often automatically is cancelled. Again, Raptim is glad to help to ensure your return flight doesn't need to be rescheduled as well.

The travel tips mentioned above can prove to be helpful when you're traveling to a vulnerable location for a humanitarian mission. We believe our world is a better place when your compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we are glad to help you with every step of your journey. Want to know more? Follow our blog for more travel information.