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Tips for Your First Humanitarian Travel to the Middle East

Reasons for humanitarian aid are not limited to poor living conditions, overbearing poverty, and natural disasters. Unfortunately, the Middle East is continent that suffers a lot of other humanitarian problems, such as lack of education, social injustice, and diseases. Be sure to check these tips if you are a humanitarian travel planning on traveling to the Middle East to help those who are facing desperate situations of conflict, disease, and food insecurity.

Humanitarians in the Middle East

Media coverage of current events occurring in the Middle East, such as Syria and Yemen, determines a large part of the worldview regarding the Middle East continent. It’s often portrayed as a part of the world plagued by extreme poverty, disease, and conflict. If you are traveling to the Middle East and want to be perfectly prepared? See the tips listed below.

• Be prepared for possible climate changes
The Middle East is not a continent, but as it is captured between Europe on the north, Asia on the east and Africa on the west is most of the Middle East desert. But even in the desert temperatures can vary from scorching heat to freezing cold. Countries such as Turkey and Libanon can suffer from snow. Make sure that you are covered during the day and night. Make sure that you wear a hat or cap and clothes that are comfortable. Make sure you don’t sunburnt and wear enough sun lotion. During night cover yourself with blankets and wear clothes that keep you warm.

• Take health precautions
Humanitarians are often prone to injuries and unhealthy environments. A big number of Middle Eastern countries asks for professional pre-travel advice about vaccinations or health information. It’s important to plan, since getting all the vaccines you need may take some time. Make sure that you drink enough clean water. Water in bottles is preferred instead of open water. Inform yourself about vaccinations. Ask your pharmacist or your doctor which vaccinations are appropriated for you. Get pre-travel advice form one our travel agents and read about our Care product.

We have been organizing humanitarian travel to the Middle East and you can always contact the nearest office in the region with same time zone have no office in the region. Are you among the many humanitarians in the Middle East, or are you planning on traveling the Middle East? At Raptim, our staff is dedicated and focused on your complex and urgent travel questions and needs. Never hesitate to contact us should you require additional travel information.