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Tips for Staying Within Your Travel Budget

Every single cent spent on those who need it most is important. Maximizing value for your money is our priority. Whether it’s for education, medical, environmental or rebuilding purposes.

Let your travel budget support your cause

An NGO should invest as much resources to their cause as possible. An easy way to attain this is by defining a good travel budget. While establishing a travel budget might be a challenging task, constraining yourself within it could be even harder. However, with these handy tips, you are well on course to having this under your control.

  • Transport to location Check taxi rates before leaving. can tell you the typical price range for a cab at your destination and the appropriate amount to tip. Having a precise idea of what you should pay saves hassle when it’s time to pay the bill. Besides, it prevents drivers from overcharging.
  • Health Your health and personal wellbeing will determine the level of success in your endeavors. Getting sick while in the field could be extremely costly. Therefore, schedule a visit with a travel medicine specialist before going on travel. They provide vaccines, drugs, and advice on how to stay safe and healthy while you are traveling. Also, plan a visit with your regular doctor to ensure that you’re physically fit for the demands of the work you’re about to undertake. Your health plan will probably cover most of these costs.
  • Passport and Visa CIBT is an excellent source of visa information. Use their search option to check if a visa is required. If yes, apply for a visa as soon as possible. This will prevent the last minute rush fees and save you a lot of money.
  • Flights When traveling, humanitarians often face unexpected changes in their travel plan. At some point during your trip, you will probably require help with your booking. At such moments, you’ll need an expert travel partner, with offices around the globe and 24/7 assistance, to make these changes to your itinerary. This will be covered at little or no extra cost using humanitarian airfares with flexible ticket conditions.

NGOs can maximize their efforts by defining and maintaining a humanitarian travel budget. The tips mentioned above are just but a few examples of the different situations that uncommon destinations can present to you. Remember, the main rule regarding maintaining a budget is that research is essential. Know before you go.

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. There are countless projects that humanitarians are selflessly involved in and we hope from the deepest point of our hearts that each and every project succeeds. We are dedicated to serving those who serve the world. Follow our blog for more travel information.