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Three situations when aid workers needed customer service

When you are traveling to uncommon destinations, several situations may occur and create an immediate need to contact your travel management company.

Why customer service is important

The following are some examples of situations in which an outstanding customer service from your travel organization benefits clients in their time of need and allowing them to focus their time and energy toward their project.

  1. Before travel: humanitarian aid workers should always be well prepared before traveling. Whether you are an aid worker, volunteer, a faith-based or a humanitarian traveler, you can contact us anytime for pre-trip advice regarding travel documents and vaccinations. This will make sure that everything is in place before departure.
  2. During humanitarian work: Airports can be closed due to a political or terror situation. Recent incidents in Brussels and Istanbul are still fresh in our memories, but smaller events such as fire outbreaks may occur. For example, the fire at the airport in Rome caused flight cancellations. In such a situation, our experienced staff will try everything in their power to reschedule your trip immediately so still arrive home safe and promptly.
  3. During travel: If you decide, during the last-minute, that you need to pass by Brussels on your Amsterdam – Entebbe flight, you can call your dedicated team at Raptim for the best options. Same goes for exceeding the luggage weight limit on your flight back. Call the staff at Raptim about your specific ticket conditions and avoid charges when possible. Due to our special arrangements with the airlines, changes to your itinerary can sometimes be made at a reduced rate or even free of charge.

Listed below are stories of three humanitarian organizations which Raptim helped during their humanitarian travel.

"We had more than 200 reservations already on hold when our Raptim agent noticed some lower inventories had opened up. She didn't have to, but one by one, she went through every reservation and checked to see if our pricing could be lowered. At the end of the day, she lowered our airfare costs by USD 42,700. That’s USD 42,700 that our ministry can now use to provide more classroom space and educational materials for the more than 9,000 vulnerable children that we serve in our program.” - Susan Kendall, director of short-term missions, Family Legacy Missions International:

“Our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, was scheduled to arrive in West Africa in August 2014. The spreading of the Ebola virus affected our plans, and we had to redirect to three different countries in the span of just four months. Each step of the way, Raptim efficiently provided detailed flight schedules for each country. They assisted our large number of volunteer crew with ticket changes and other travel arrangements - and generously waived the change fees.” - Vangie Austin, director of staffing, Mercy Ships

“With Raptim, we received immediate attention—after hours and over the weekend—helping us manage the travel for over eighty health care professional volunteers from around the United States and deploying them safely overseas. We are very pleased with the humanitarian ticketing that provides direct cost savings and is less expensive than some of our previous preferred agencies. This has allowed our budget to stretch further and enables us to scale an even larger, more robust response. We are now using Raptim full-time for our complex, demanding and frequent travel needs.” - Matthew Peterson, deputy to the president, Project HOPE

We understand the complexity of the world you work in because we have been solely focused on global humanitarian travel for more than 67 years. This has resulted in a robust knowledge about the complex world of humanitarian aid workers and their challenging travel needs. We try everything in our power to make sure humanitarian aid workers will help people in need at vulnerable locations and ensure that NGOs can meet their goals. You can read more articles outlining the work we do on our blog.