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Three important travel services for humanitarian aid workers

Whether you are helping to prevent illness, helping refugees, improving education, helping to build a community or rebuilding an afflicted region among other humanitarian activities, the life of a humanitarian aid worker is rewarding, but also sometimes challenging.

Essential travel services that Raptim provides

Unexpected situations may prevail when helping those in need. Maybe your help is required for a more extended period or the environment becomes dangerous and requires you to be evacuated. Due to circumstances, you may be required to stay longer. That’s why a global service is of the utmost importance for humanitarian aid workers. In these cases, you’ll need an expert travel partner, one who understands this line of work and will stand by your side, an organization that’s dedicated to serving those who serve the world.

  1. As we work with different humanitarians across all walks of life, we understand that one of our greatest attributes is the 24/7 service. By offering this service, our staff provides around-the-clock access to all our clients. They are focused on complicated itineraries, and at times extremely urgent travel needs of aid workers and are willing to go above and beyond.
  2. Unfortunately, humanitarian work is not risk-free. We implemented the E-travel Tracker risk-management tool to assist humanitarian aid workers. It is an essential element in the corporate duty of care responsibilities and provides options for compiling a pre-trip preparation and alerting travelers of events that could impact their itineraries or affect their safety.
  3. VIP service through Raptim Travel’s Concierge Desk provides access to an enhanced level of service. Frequent flyer upgrades, airport meet and greet services, hotel arrangements and assistance with applications for travel documents are just a few of the examples of the travel services provided by our VIP service.

All these services are of great importance to humanitarian aid workers. Together with our negotiable and flexible airfares with more than 40 airlines, our specialized services make us a full-service humanitarian travel management company second to none. We are, on a daily basis, trying to improve the quality and adding value to the world of humanitarian travel. Kindly inform your travel manager about our travel services.

Take a look at our factsheet for a full overview.