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Three Humanitarian Pictures That Had Global Impact in 2017

The following photo lineup offers a quick peek of humanitarian photographs of events which had an enormous global impact. In 2016, we chose three major crises around the world. They were all related to war. This year we chose pictures that were related to war or a natural disaster. Just as in 2016, these events had a huge impact on millions of people in 2017.

Important Humanitarian Pictures

The year 2017 was dominated by major disasters around the world. The war in Syria continued causing refugees to flee to Europe to seek a better future. Much humanitarian aid and disaster relief were needed in conflict areas as well as areas that were hit by natural disasters, such as Yemen, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Myanmar, and Syria.


Photo by Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles Times


Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria. It took several weeks before US President Donald Trump visited the island. The response from organizations that deal with disaster relief was good, but more help was needed. Many people fled Puerto Rico because of the bad conditions. Many people have no power, and a lot of basic needs are not yet being met.

Photo: Financial Times


The war in Yemen has killed thousands of people, and the United Nations has declared that Yemen is on the brink of one of the most devastating humanitarian catastrophes in decades. The people in Yemen are cut off from all basic needs such as food and medical supplies.

Photo: Al Jazeera


The conflict in Myanmar deals with the continuing crisis from which the Rohingya population is suffering. This minority group is discriminated against in their home country. The Myanmar military killed thousands of people, and the Rohingya people are fleeing to a neighboring country, Bangladesh, where they try to survive in refugee camps which themselves are lacking in basic needs.

While we might see a lot of locations in the course of our humanitarian travels, we certainly don’t claim to have seen all places where humanitarian help is needed. Thanks to the brave humanitarian photographers mentioned above, we're able to get a peek at what's happening at such locations. They are making the world aware of the difficulties the people in these locations are facing. Are you interested in humanitarian photography? Be sure to look at our blogpost on powerful humanitarian photographs and famous humanitarian photographers.

If you want to know more about the humanitarian crisis and the people who are suffering from war conflicts and natural disasters, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.