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Things to Consider When Making a Humanitarian Travel Booking

When it comes to humanitarian travel, there is no such thing as too much preparation or research. That’s why we highly recommend you to speak with experienced humanitarians and your travel consultant at Raptim. Try to read as much information as possible about your destination and the work you’ll undertake.

Improving the process of travel booking by working together

There are vulnerable locations spread over our entire globe; uncommon places where affected people are in need of compassionate aid workers, like you, to help improve the local well-being. We understand your compassion and just as much as you, we want to make the world a better place. There is only one way out; ending the sufferings of these vulnerable persons.

Providing flexible, tailored itineraries and outstanding customer service are our way of doing this. We provide around-the-clock access to our dedicated staff, which is always available to provide you with information regarding humanitarian travel. Contact us to make a humanitarian travel booking. Together we will make sure you get a full-service travel package fit for your specific needs.

According to humanitarian travel blogs, traveling as light as possible seems to be the way to go. Traveling with little luggage is excellent, comfortable and efficient. But, remember, not every country has superstores at which you can buy just about anything. That’s why we highly recommend researching your destination prior to traveling.

Packing for humanitarian travel is different from packing for a holiday. That’s why doing research is paramount. Getting information about hard-to-reach uncommon destinations is not always easy. Where do I start? What's the best source of information? Quite some questions will criss-cross your mind at that moment. Do not worry. Just talk to experienced travelers in your NGO or read travel reports from humanitarians on blogs or Twitter. This article lists quite some essential humanitarian packing tips.

Constraining costs within a budget of any kind is quite complicated. NGO travel managers often struggle with defining and maintaining a travel budget for their travel booking. Unnecessary costs are always unwanted and can be detrimental to humanitarians and their budgets. Luckily, a lot of these unwanted costs are easily avoidable because they’re caused by the lack of proper travel preparation. A case in point is the last-minute visa application which forces you to pay an additional fee. Want to know more about avoiding unnecessary costs? Kindly contact one of our experienced travel consultants.