226 - Things to Do When Stranded on an Airport
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Raptim Humanitarian Travel Tips: Things to Do When Stranded on an Airport

No one likes to be stuck in an airport. It’s a traveler’s worst nightmare. Especially when you are on your way to a humanitarian mission or when you are on your way back home after a mission. But sometimes it can’t be helped, and you find yourself stranded in an airport, and you just have to face your situation and accept it.

What to do when you’re stranded in an airport

Since there is nothing you can do to change that fact, try to make the best out of that time. If you aren’t as inspired as the guy who made an epic lip-syncing video to ‘All By Myself’, we have a few suggestions how to spend your lost hours.

Explore Different Airport Areas
If you're stranded in an airport for less than five hours, check out areas outside your concourse. Take the airport shuttle to another area with more amenities. Check out the website of the airport for interesting places and attractions, like bookstores, museums, and art exhibitions. Explore!

Workout While You Wait
As a humanitarian, often you don't find the time to work out as often as you would like to. Take this opportunity to stay on course with your fitness plan.  Airportgyms.com lists airport fitness centers across Canada and the United States so that you can continue your fitness program. No fitness center? There is enough room at an airport to do some yoga exercises, and if you're desperate, you can always use a moving walkway as a treadmill. Exercise!

Spend the last of your foreign cash
When you are on your way back home from a location far away, take your wallet out your pocket and check how much foreign cash you have left. When you find anything half worth buying, spend your last bit of cash on it. Even better, use it to buy something you can kill your time with while stranded in an airport. Spend!

Get a nice meal
Luckily, airports have made huge strides in expanding their culinary offerings. Some top class restaurants and their cooks have dining establishments at airports. Check out nearby restaurants, as well as discounts, promotions and traveler reviews to get a nice meal before you get on your (long) flight. Eat!

Clean up your inbox
Finally get your e-mail app, or other messenger apps, to achieve inbox zero. It is a busy life being a humanitarian and there are a lot of messages to go through. Take your time to clean out your inbox. It's even better if the airport does not have Wi-Fi readily available. The e-mails you write won't be sent until later, so you don't get any new messages in, while you deal with the old ones. Achieve Inbox zero!

The travel tips mentioned above can prove to be helpful when you're facing a setback in your humanitarian travel. We are happy to help you on each step of your journey because we believe our world is a better place when your compassion is taken to where it is needed most: vulnerable locations. Want to know more? Follow our blog for more travel information.