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These are 8 Great Humanitarians We have Talked to, How about You?

The main aspect that sets Raptim apart is that we know and understand our clients. Not only that, we deeply care about them and their mission. That’s why we take the time to talk to many of our clients and get to know their stories and what they stand for.

In fact, we are so excited to learn about them that we’ve decided to share some of their stories with you! Here are the 8 great humanitarians we have talked to!

1. Marjan Horst from Compassion

 “It’s our mission to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name,” Marjan explains. “We want to break the vicious cycle they’ve been in for generations. Not only by helping them in their education, but also by supporting them socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically so they can take care of their own families later in life.”

Marjan Horst

Compassion is a faith-based organization that helps orphans. They run programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America reaching the children most in need. Despite the fact that they are Christian-based, they help children from any faith and background. To help accomplish this, they sponsor kids through local churches.

Additionally, Compassion works with volunteers in many of their sites. This helps to engage different communities which then become more actively involved with the children. Other ways that they help include gift catalogs that sponsors can utilize. They also have a portfolio of complementary children-and community-oriented projects that fight poverty. Read more about our interview with Marjan here.

2. Niels Dierckx from Justdiggit

“Climate change is not something that makes people happy,” Niels, 37, tells us in his Amsterdam office. “We want to show that it is possible to make a positive impact. That is the message we want to be heard in the Western world as well as in Tanzania and Kenya.”

With an innovative approach, Justdiggit works towards climate-change reversal. They follow a step-by-step process that relies on a mix of modern and traditional techniques.

Justdiggit has projects in Morocco, Tanzania, and Kenya. In each country, they work to restore landscapes, natural water cycles, and vegetation. Additionally, their projects focus on preventing soil erosion and rain harvesting. Read more about our interview with Niels here.

3. Shari McMaster from the World Association for Christian Communication

The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is best known for, is the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), a project now in its 23rd year.

“It’s every five years, and it’s basically a snapshot of one day, reviewing media from all over the world,” Shari explains.

WACC promotes universal access to communication for social justice. They do this through a range of projects that particularly address gender and communication.

WACC works with partners across the world. One of their main programs is media monitoring. This area specializes in gender, peace, poverty, and religion and how the media reports on these topics. Currently, WACC is also running the End News Media Sexism by 2020 campaign. Read more about our interview with Shari here.

4. Ruth Kronenburg from Free Press Unlimited

“Our mission is people deserve to know,” Ruth says. “That means that everyone should have access to independent information. Without independent information, you can’t make good decisions.”

Free Press Unlimited defends the right to reliable information. Their mission is to promote independent journalism and reporting, as well as the freedom of expression. In the view of Free Press Unlimited, journalists must reflect the voice of each citizen. The organization is based in Amsterdam and is active in 46 countries. Read more about our interview with Ruth here.

5. Rony Delgarde from Global Paint for Charity

“I was shocked just to know how many gallons of paint were thrown away in every year. I needed to do something about it.”

Global Paint for Charity volunteers collect donated paint across the USA. With the donated paint, Global Paint helps families in need by encouraging them in the transformations of their communities.

The donations come from companies and individuals. With the paints, Global Paint for Charity helps to transform poor communities into friendlier places. Currently, they ship across the world to 34 countries. Read more about our interview with Rony here.

6. Dorothy de Vuyst from Samaritan’s Purse

“We’re a faith-based organization, and that continues to be a primary aspect of what we do,” says Dorothy. “And we’re an organization that really wants to go to the most difficult places where the needs are the greatest. I think that characterizes us.”

Samaritan’s Purse has a wide range of programs in the US and across the world. One of the main lines of work is international crisis response. Additionally, they work on medical missions, combatting poverty, and supporting vulnerable children. Some projects also focus on nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as gender issues. Read more about our interview with Dorothy here.

 7. Angela Goertzen from Hungry for Life

“There’s a project in Kenya that I’m super proud of. When we first went to a community in Seje, none of the kids went to school and around half of the babies died because there was no clean water.” – Angela tells us. “We now see a community that came out of extreme poverty and gained access to health care and means to gain income.”

Hungry for Life is a faith-based organization active in over 12 countries. Their main mission is to eradicate needless suffering. They do so by helping communities rise up out of extreme poverty. When disaster strikes, they also engage in emergency relief. Read more about our interview with Angela here.

8. Amanda Thorsteinsson from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

“Our mission is to end hunger, and we do that in several ways,” says Amanda Thorsteinsson.  “The first one is providing food assistance in times of emergency, for example in Syria and South Sudan.”

In addition to food assistance, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank works in agriculture, livelihoods, nutrition, and advocacy. The organization is comprised of 15 churches and church-based agencies. Together, they work to end hunger in about 40 countries across the world. Read more about our interview with Amanda here.

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