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The Way We Manage Customer Care

What else surpasses customer care? Humanitarian aid workers, volunteers and faith-based travelers have to deal with lots of uncertainties on a daily basis.

Situations that ask for customer care

In a recent humanitarian endeavor described by The Guardian, aid workers had driven for several hours to get to Mann in the northwest of Central African Republic (CAR). Their mission was to help the vulnerable people who were in need. But after just 10 minutes, their team leader ordered everyone back into their 4x4s. The village, located in the Ouham-Pendé province, was surrounded by armed men who were fighting each other. That’s a scary situation to find yourself in, right? Besides the vulnerable villages, the humanitarians were all in great danger as well.

This situation is just an example which shows that outstanding customer care from your travel organization is of the utmost priority. When the situation is turning dangerous and unmanageable, you’re going to need your travel management company to stand by your side and offer help to get all travelers to safety.

One of our most important attributes is the 24/7 service and emergency line. It’s pivotal because we comprehend the world you work in. Our staff has access to all our clients’ information around-the-clock, thanks to our state-of-the-art information system. This emergency line is available to you in those particular and sometimes dangerous situations.

Urgent questions could arise in the course of your travel. It may be about your itinerary, traveler tracking, crisis information or medical information. Our dedicated staff offers support around the clock. Read more about that which drives our employees in our ‘Eight Questions With…’ interview series.