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The Results of Our 2016 Customer Survey

Presented in an Infographic

We were curious about how our customers perceive us. Therefore, we rolled out a customer survey last November and December. The global survey was conducted in 5 different languages. It contained 11 questions, with 718 responses in total. The results are shown in an infographic.

What We’ve Learned From the Customer Survey

Our vision guides us in all our endeavors. By 2020, our goal is to be a recognized partner and authority in the community of humanitarian travel, getting over 500,000 compassionate humanitarian travelers where they are needed most in an efficient and profitable way created as one global organization. The annual customer survey is a tool we use to make sure that we stay on the right track on the journey of making this goal possible.

The results reveal that most of our respondents feel welcome, are satisfied with our service and mostly appreciate the friendliness of our consultants and staff. We are perceived as a reliable, knowledgeable and service-oriented humanitarian travel partner.

But we aren’t there yet! To achieve our 2020 goal, we’re planning to roll out new products and services as well as make valuable adjustments in terms of process improvement to serve you even better. We want to attend to our clients faster as well as offer more alternative travel options. We’re trying everything in our power to increase our impact by raising our global ticket volume and be a true authority in the field of humanitarian travel.

We’re a full-service humanitarian travel management company, and we like to keep you informed on what we have planned for the future, every small step of the way. Want to know more? Please contact your nearest Raptim office.