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On April 2015, a massive earthquake wreaked havoc on the delicate infrastructure of Nepal, and the local population. After the disaster, NGOs from all around the world started rebuilding. From repairing trails and helping the wounded to re-restoring access to clean drinking water.

Access local information in the aftermath of an earthquake

Homes were destroyed and families were forced to survive in volatile conditions. Some villages were inaccessible due to trails and roads being destroyed. Rebuilding the infrastructure continues to be a difficult task, especially considering the unique and vast environment of Nepal’s mountainside.

Rocks are essential raw materials used in road construction. Transportation from the source to the site however is a tough task, made more difficult with damaged roads. Communities living in Ghairung, Gorkha took part in a cash-for-work scheme to help rebuild a 5km trail that connects two villages. In these villages, a health center and a local market were made accessible for 1,140 households. How do you acquire local information about such a large-scale natural disaster?

Sourcing up-to-date local information before and during your travel is not an easy task, especially when your destination is covered in rubble. We understand that communication is critical for NGOs, faith-based and volunteer organizations. This information enables aid workers to better prepare for the uncommon situations which can be harmful and devastating to them. All humanitarian aid workers are aware that safety will never be guaranteed on a mission. It is a risk humanitarians are willing to take as they continue helping those who need it most and a sign of great compassion.

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most.In addition to our three travel services, we also provide up-to-date travel information on vulnerable locations through our global network of 17 offices around the world. Pinpoint a local Raptim office through our quick address locator.