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The Guardians of the Ability to Serve Humanitarians

It sounds like a science fiction movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt doesn’t it?! In reality, it is something of much higher value to the non-profit, humanitarian sector and its commitment to service; and the star is Raptim Humanitarian Travel.

Offering flexible humanitarian fares

As the North American leader in humanitarian travel, we consider ourselves the guardians of the special airline contracts that provide extremely flexible humanitarian fares, relaxed restrictions, and additional benefits for those serving the world; the voice of the in-service traveler.  The win/win formula is a straightforward one, if we work together.

Every humanitarian ticket purchased from Raptim is a powerful tool to use in securing better contractual agreements with worldwide airlines to better serve humanitarians. The more dynamic the contracts are in saving money and providing for special needs, the more travelers that can go to the service field.  It is a partnership that serves the world.

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list

Each time a travel purchase is made online, whether Travelocity, Expedia or an airline site, the humanitarian traveler remains anonymous and unseen by the airlines. The potential broader impact of orphan assistance, education, micro-finance, clean water, and medical care is lost forever.

Help us guard the ability to send more and more “travelers in service” by trying our exceptional service and expertise in world travel. Your purchase from Raptim builds our credibility and power with the airlines, that power provides greater benefits to the non-profit traveler, those benefits allow more travelers in world service, and the circle closes; growing larger each time.