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The Development of Raptim’s Global Organizational Structure

With the goal of serving 500,000 travelers by the year 2020, our consultants are dedicated to bringing value to the travel needs of humanitarians. Whenever, wherever. Raptim is a humanitarian travel management company with offices all over the world and still expanding to every continent to be available in all time zones and regions. Improving our global customer service and collaboration between offices is high priority and a benefit we are proud to offer.

Always working together due to our organizational structure

Raptim was founded in The Netherlands and has since expanded to offices around the world. We have acquired and partnered with agencies that share our core values. We strive to bring continuity and consistency to our processes, globally, so that there are never deviations in service or coverage.

Being a global humanitarian travel company, we transcend culture and languages throughout our 17 offices around the world. We actively encourage our dedicated staff members to travel to other offices to get to know other colleagues and share specific knowledge and expertise besides experiencing different cultures. The outcome is that we all work in a culture of respect and growing expertise. We learn from each other and share the responsibility to serve our clients. We get to meet colleagues that are extremely compassionate about creating a better world.

“To truly become a worldwide organization, we need to establish an organizational culture that is based on trust, openness, respect and personal and organizational growth.”

Gabrielle Dullaart, Raptim’s global communications manager

The staff exchange program is just one of our initiatives that enable close collaboration and functionality between our offices on a global scale, at times that urgent matters mean the world to our clients. Our 17 offices are located on four different continents. There is always an office near you. We understand the world you work in and realize that unexpected and surprising event may occur when in the field. By covering all time zones and offering 24/7 service, we are always accessible via multiple means of communication. We ensure you direct all your energy into what is most important: helping those who need it most.

More often than not, questions will arise in the course of your travel. Maybe you have a question about your itinerary, traveler tracking, crisis information or medical information. We offer support for your entire humanitarian trips. Thanks to our global organizational structure, with multiple offices on different continents, there has always been an office nearby. Make use of our quick address locator to contact any of our offices should you have any questions. We will be glad to hear from you!