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The 10 most dangerous countries for aid workers

  1. Afghanistan (430 aid workers attacked)

Afghanistan is a country torn by war and terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

  1. Sudan (219 aid workers attacked)

Sudan is a country torn by war.

  1. Somalia (171 aid workers attacked)

Somalia is a safe harbor and nest for terrorists and is torn by a civil war.

  1. Pakistan (93 aid workers attacked)

Pakistan is dangerous for aid workers because of terrorists.

  1. Syria (92 aid workers attacked)

Syria is torn by a brutal civil war between the government and several terrorist groups. A large part of the country was later made a part of the Islamic State (IS).

  1. South Sudan (84 aid workers attacked)

The country is torn by a civil war.

  1. DR Congo (54 aid workers attacked)

The internal conflict between government and rebels causes people to flee. Most refugees flee to Zambia.

  1. Sri Lanka (47 aid workers attacked)

Sri Lanka has a long history of violence and attacks associated with the rebel group Tamil Tigers.

  1. Kenya (43 aid workers attacked)

Internal unrest began after the recent, general election. The Kenyan Supreme Court ruled that the election was not valid and should be held again.

  1. Iraq (40 aid workers attacked)

Iraq was invaded by the US in 2003 which resulted in a civil war between different ethnic groups such as the Kurds and other local tribes. A large part of the country was later made part of the Islamic State (IS).

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